Wifey WEDnesday

Comebacks, Do-Overs, Responses & Repairs

24 hours before this picture was taken we weren’t speaking to each other. Just after this picture was taken, we topped off an already perfect date night with a late movie – and by late I mean 9:30,and not before running by the house to switch from lipstick, dress & heels to no make-up, sweats,… Continue reading Comebacks, Do-Overs, Responses & Repairs

Wifey WEDnesday

Contempt is CRAP! Happy Anniversary to us!

Of our three businesses we own together, the one area that Chris and I come together in every week is couples counseling and it’s our FAVORITE! With my license and education paired with his decades of experience as a pastor working with couples, we complement each others counseling skills in a way that I believe… Continue reading Contempt is CRAP! Happy Anniversary to us!

Wifey WEDnesday

FAIR WIFEY WARNING… & a special offer!!

Ladies, it’s here.  Right about now you might be wondering if your husband has any idea that Valentine’s Day is around the corner…. how he’s failed your expectations in the past… or your dropping hints for days and he is fully aware but you are wishing he would come up with some amazing scheme of… Continue reading FAIR WIFEY WARNING… & a special offer!!

SINGLE SPACE · Wifey WEDnesday


Well, this is a first… usually I like to write  Wifey Wednesday stuff but today’s post is actually directly to single ladies – particularly those journeying through the Single Space project right now – BUT – wifeys – we need your input so chime in, please!  AND, of course – as you do, I think… Continue reading WIFEY WEDNESDAY & SINGLE SPACE WK2

Wifey WEDnesday

Wifey Wednesday: The Respectful Wifey!

Are you experiencing suffering or struggle in your family caused by decisions you make that you claim God “called” you to?  It could be that the struggle is a necessary, natural result or consequence of decisions made… sure.  Or it could be that you you’re a little too independent for your own good.  And by… Continue reading Wifey Wednesday: The Respectful Wifey!

Wifey WEDnesday

Wifey WEDesday: The SEXY wifey… Happy Humpday! Pun intended.

Hey ladieeees!!!  Let’s talk about sex, aight? My last couple posts were heavy so I’ll try to keep it short & sweet. Ohhhh wait a minute – if you’re not married – this post is NOT for you. Do not, I repeat: DO NOT WRECK YOUR BLESSINGS.  Scripture is clear about the “special” kind of… Continue reading Wifey WEDesday: The SEXY wifey… Happy Humpday! Pun intended.