#ThirstyThursday Boss Thoughts: (More than) Enough for Everybody

This post is mainly to encourage my fellow entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, dreamers, boss babes, and trailblazers crazy enough to start something from nothing. Those of you that design a work life dream out of pure passion, ambition, blood, sweat, tears and love for your product or service and the clientele you serve. We’ve just completed our… Continue reading #ThirstyThursday Boss Thoughts: (More than) Enough for Everybody

Wifey WEDnesday

Comebacks, Do-Overs, Responses & Repairs

24 hours before this picture was taken we weren’t speaking to each other. Just after this picture was taken, we topped off an already perfect date night with a late movie – and by late I mean 9:30,and not before running by the house to switch from lipstick, dress & heels to no make-up, sweats,… Continue reading Comebacks, Do-Overs, Responses & Repairs