About me…

That’s me with the better portion of a thrown drum stick at Ray (Yummy) LaMontagne’s concert.  I also scored front row seating AND the set list, both thanks to my bestie Jammi.  1 thing about me: I LOVE a LIVE show.  One of my besties, Sarah inspired me years ago to get out to more shows.  Since then, I’ve seen a ton of amazing gigs –   J Lo, Coldplay, Kanye West, Stevie Nicks, Ludacris,  Mat Kearney, Lady GaGa, Derek Webb, Mos Def, Kings of Leon, Citizen Cope, Black Eyed Peas, No Doubt, Ben Harper, Train, Weezy, Rick Ross, Lloyd, Maroon 5, Keri Hilson, Journey, Colbie Cailat, Nelly, and one of my all time favorites ~ The Indigo Girls.  Live shows are such a special and unique way to experience people fully embracing and living out their life calling, both working and playing, both serving and being fed, in the very moments of their dreams being lived out.  I love art, I love creativity, I love to see passion – not just in concerts, but in all forms.  I’m extremely visual.  To see passion firsthand is powerful.  That blesses me.  That inspires me.
She also blesses me…
That’s my ninja.  My baby girl.  My Punkin Love. My mini-me.  And by mini- me I do mean to say she’s so “me”, only WAY better.
My child is OUTrageous… she thinks she’s part kitty cat (ok that may be true). Jacey was adopted at birth, and the coolest thing EVER was witnessing that beginning miracle of her life.
In October, I also became a foster mom to another miracle, Miss J, who loves beads in her hair and may love music almost as much as I do.  Foster parenting is a great way of gutting out SELF.  Well, parenting in any form is good for that…
I just started my master’s (Counseling Psychology) sooo I’m reading/studying 90% of the time right now, and someday I’ll finally get a degree in… well, all that much life experience has already taught me the hard way. 😉
I was born in Texas m/ and raised a “Groverat” in South Dallas. You can take the girl out of  The Grove, but you cannot take The Grove out of the girl.  My gangsta tendencies remain.  I now live, work & play in downtown Oklahoma City, where I moved during my fight with cancer.  Part of my heart will forever remain in Texas, but I have grown to fall in love with Oklahoma City, the people, the events, the local mindset, the way it’s both city-life and community driven, and, maybe especially, the tweeps.
I have a HUGE beautiful family, 4 STUNNING sisters & a couple dozen true blue besties.
I believe the greatest characteristic you can have is teachability.
I love to learn, to glean, to grow, and share.
This life is good.  The next one will be even better.