FriYay Hi 5s

Hi 5 Friday Favs & a Flashback

1. THIS MASCARA. I don’t think I have ever bought the same mascara 2X in a row. Until now.


2. The fact that my children are held by God. I need divine intervention, provision and wisdom


*and this is as far as I got with this post a few weeks ago. I had committed to writing 5 days in one week as a way of catapulting my craft, getting a momentum of practice in before getting back to my book writing. And then I got that crappy call I talked about on this post.

BUT. I wrote that day. 5 days in a row.  It felt like all of Hell came against me for it, but I did it. Now considering 30 days of writing in June. Who’s with me? It doesn’t mean the same as POSTING 30 days, just sitting our hineys down and tapping out something, anything on those keys, posted or not. I can think of a dozen of you that, like me, you used to write – it healed you and empowered you and it inspired me. Let’s do it.

Back to today’s Hi 5s!

3. These podcasts. But, I’d love your recommendations for others! I don’t do fiction, sci-fi, mysteries, romance, etc. Basically feed me inspirational, personal growth FUEL.









4. UNCLE JULIO’S Y’ALL! This Texas fav is now open in Chisolm Creek and this gorgeous lady drink is just the beginning of my margarita collection journey there! IT HAS A SHOT OF MARNIER IN THE OUTER SKIN OF A LIME! I love inegnuity. This could be our next book club happy hour spot. Marg mavens, you need to know that THERE ARE DOZENS of specialties so start your sippin’.


5. The glorious double space after the period in a sentence.–>  <—– I’m struggling because apparently this is not the thing now? Do you single or double because I love the double but I’m trying to break myself of it.

Here’s a throwback / flashback post I’ve been thinking about lately that always applies to us mommas.

excerpt that’s been swirling in my head…

“I thought about these words and it finally sank in that Jacey has a Savior, my Savior. The One who is my Creator, my Healer, my Hope and Peace, is also hers. The One who molds and shapes this heart, is also molding and shaping hers. The One who knows me, holds me, teaches me, and wipes my tears – He is the same One who knows my Jacey, holds her, teachers her, and wipes her tears. My Father is Jacey’s Father. My Best Friend will be Jacey’s as well, and my Savior also redeems my precious child. He has made my life worth living – He is any and all good in me… and everything good, everything I love about Jacey is Him in her. He loves me with a great love, and His mysterious ways work all things out for my good. He has proved time and time again that He is for me, I can trust Him, He will never leave me, He always has and always will take perfect care of me. And though I am her mom, He loves Jacey more than I ever could. His love for her is great, He will always work all things for her good. He is for her – and all her life He will prove that to her, again and again. She can trust Him, He will never leave her, My Mighty God always has and always will take perfect care of my sweet Jacey.”


Please share this post or comment on it or anything to let me know you took the time to read, I love to hear from you! In particular today, what’s one of your favs / highs this week?

Happy FriYAY!

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