#ThirstyThursday Boss Thoughts: (More than) Enough for Everybody

This post is mainly to encourage my fellow entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, dreamers, boss babes, and trailblazers crazy enough to start something from nothing. Those of you that design a work life dream out of pure passion, ambition, blood, sweat, tears and love for your product or service and the clientele you serve.

We’ve just completed our 5th season at Studio 7 and then followed that up last week with my last round of client sessions for a while. As I step into a sabbatical from work in the way that I have known it, and shift into a season of family/work balance that is new for me and for an unknown-as-of-yet season of time, I look back on all that I’ve poured into my business babies and I just feel so much freedom and gratitude for we we’ve been, where we are and all that is still in store.

Whether you’ve opened your own business or sparked an idea and turned it into a movement online or simply in your neighborhood, I want to share with you one glorious truth I have found in this wild journey of business ownership and self-employment.

There’s more than enough for everybody.

Mission Statements.
Choreography and creativity.

There is *usually* PLENTY for you, me, and the new gals down the street. And if there’s really not enough for everyone, then and only THEN should you consider closing shop on your current ideas as they exist or pass them on to someone you’ve discipled to take them and turn them into better – and that just means you get to go open and dream up something else. YOLO.

But, usually, THERE’S MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!!!

While this concept may not ring true 100% of the time, there is one VERY IMPORTANT, CRUCIAL, CRITICAL STIPULATION TO REMEMBER –
It is more often true when YOU DO YOU.

The other day a friend said it was crazy that Daylight Donuts was opening up just a few blocks from Hurts Donuts. My response? If I’m craving Daylight, I’m not craving Hurts and if I want cereal on my donut I’m not craving a simple glaze. It’s just not the same. Seasons change. Tastes, needs, and visions change. If you’re gift is to be a simple glaze, don’t mess it up with fruit loops.

Every dance studio, every therapist, every mom blog, every fitness guru, every writer, coffee shop, t-shirt guy and every donut shop has something unique about it, something perhaps no one else offers.

So, if or when you ever feel unoriginal or toxic with competition and comparison thoughts, just remind yourself a few boss truths.

There’s no competition here if I do me because no one is doing what I’m doing the way I do it.
To assume that I am the one stop shop for all is only going to wear me out and stump my creativity AND block my beloved clients from whatever they may need elsewhere. If I want the best for me, my staff, and my clients, I need to remember that there is more than enough for everybody.

In the snarky words of Snookie: Best do you ‘cause I damn sure does me!

Another one of my boss thoughts mantras:

Don’t copy or compare — CREATE!

Stay thirsty, boss babes!

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