Catapult your craft!

Are you wanting God to enlarge your territory? Catapult your Craft!

Let’s get curious about that person we are becoming.

How are you pursuing your personal and career growth?

Last year, I pursued my CEUs (required continuing education for my license) solely based on when they were due and what was available at convenient times for me. Here’s how that turned out…

Pro – I gained knowledge /  Con – a lot of knowledge I don’t use in my specialties
Pro – I got it done /  Con – I didn’t become much better at what I really love to do
Pro – I met a lot of other therapists
Con – still ended up lacking a like-minded community or professional cohort to feed off of
Pro – I added to my license credentials /  Con – lack of exceptional learning and mindfulness in my career growth

Underwhelmed and uninspired… it was time to clarify.

Hear me now and forever – TO CLARIFY IS TO EMPOWER.

So far in 2018, I’ve read 1/2 a dozen books and traveled all over and acquired enough CEUs to cover about 4 years, and it’s only April! I am already filled up and pouring over with training and information about things I truly love like experiential therapy and psychodrama and excited about The Daring Way training in a few months. Yes, it takes time and money and I’ve been away from home more than usual, but it’s a season and I’m 10 times the therapist I was when I graduated with my master’s.

Partly, I want to get as much done as possible before we bring our adopted son home.

But honestly, mostly – WHY WAIT? I don’t want to get to the end of the year and finally become the best therapist I can be. I WANT TO BE HER NOW! If I can get better sooner, that means I can help more people and work not just harder, but wiser.

So, all of that to say that – while I spent my day as a first time attendee of the Annual Psychotherapy and Psychodrama Conference today – I left that conference room wiser than I walked into it. And that’s exciting – to be a good steward of what God’s given us. What better way to spend our lives than honoring Him with the heart and calling He’s planted in us.

One of my top 5 goals for 2018 is to “Catapult my craft!” Whatever it takes – the Stacey Johnson I’m going to be at the end of 2018 – I want to become as much of her as possible as soon as possible. I want to beat my own odds at being my best me this year. I want to not just be proud of myself, I want to surprise myself.

I encourage you to get curious about the person you are becoming. It’s not always about the grind – but life can be so empowering and impacting and adventurous when we clarify and focus our attention toward the things that set our hearts on fire for the people God lands in front of us.

This totally applies to our growth as a mom, as a wife, a housekeeper, a staff leader, a book writer, a driver – whatever the hats we wear – catapult your craft fits!

When I reach the end of my days, I just want some things to outlive me, and to be able to speak the words of my Savior –

“I have brought you glory on Earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.” ~ Jesus, John 17:4

Stay thirsty, dream chasers!



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