Africa · Tuesday Shoesday

Got kicks? #TuesdayShoesday

Someone recently asked me if I knew how to walk in flats… true story.


Second of all, I’m realizing I say “first of all” way too much because my Prince DaMarion says it to lead in to every single statement he makes now.

“First of all, I love your hair.”  “First of all, I already went to the bathroom.” “First of all, you forgot to pack a water bottle in my lunch.”

Anyway, these Free People sandles are everything and would make anyone a flat fan. Obsessed.

Second of all, look at my grandbaby girl in those sparkly Vans… I mean!

One of our traditional Dining & Dancing photos this year… We missed the mafia-expression pic, y’all.  Completely forgot! But this year ALL MY DAUGHTERS were there for the first time and there was not enough Kleenex for me!

I cleaned out my whole shoe closet, and I’m just real happy about it. Testing:  can you spy a creeper in one of these, right meow?

Just me & my favorite little hip hop head homies =)

This past weekend we celebrated 6 years of wedding wildness. I came out of the bathroom to see two shoe boxes on my bed. Now, we are old enough, healthy enough, and been together long enough for me to ask for what I want and it can still be romantic – BUT I DIDN’T EVEN TELL HIM I WANTED SHOES. Nope, did not even pick these out. That man gets me. Have you seen a cuter pair of Adidas in your life? :heart eye cat emoji:




















And last, just the best news we’ve heard all week, month, year –

we were sitting at dinner last night, sharing our highs and lows, and Chris clears his throat as he opens his phone, announcing he has news.  I was on pins & needles! “News” –  for us, for the last 2 years, means immigration said something! What did they say!!? I could not wait!  After focusing his 1/2 century eyes, he reads the following e-mail:

she said APPROVAL,PARTY PEOPLE!!!!!!!  It’s not official yet, but IT IS ON THE WAY which means soon we too will be ON OUR WAY!!!! OMG, I cannot wait for the moment my sweet African son, Jamie sets foot on an aircraft HOMEWARD BOUND!!!!

That being said, I’ve been thinking and praying on what we want to fill our suitcases with this round. Last time you guys were amazing in getting a Christmas gift packet to every single orphan there! This year, we decided on tennis shoes and feminine product kits for the girls that will last them THREE YEARS! Check out, y’all and let’s praise God for this incredible gift that will change their whole lives! First of all, (there it is again) these kids barely have enough to get cheap flip flops and they walk around on muddy, rocky roads and sometimes even play soccer barefoot. Check my old Africa blogs – it’s heartbreaking. Second of all, these precious girls miss school when they get their period. Their education suffers every single month because they don’t have the means of taking care of their sanitary needs and how would it feel to be stuck with no pad, no tampon, and sent home mortified, all the while ruining your clothes, when you might have 2 or 3 used outfits handed down to you at best. And, even if we filled 10 suitcases with our regular pads, they’d be wiped out and in need again in a couple months.

So, here’s where you come in. Start a savings jar or something, get the kiddos and office involved and just collect and save until we can purchase the girls’ packets AND start collecting your tennis shoes from around the house – don’t throw them out OR – better yet – pick up and BEAUTIFUL NEW PAIR OF SHOES next time you’re out! To have a pair of shoes that lasts them more than a couple months – especially through the rainy season – would be such a ridiculously HUGE blessing, guys!

I cannot wait to stuff our suitcases with shoes on shoes on shoes!!!  Stay tuned and feel free to share!

Jamie is coming home, y’all – we are closer than ever!! =)


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