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March 13th.

MARCH 13!!!! WE FINALLY HAVE A DATE! Almost 2 months of waiting JUST FOR THE APPOINTMENT to get our fingerprints done, we have a date. GLORY for another answered prayer!
Just yesterday at lunch Chris and I were having our weekly power couple lunch & as we start co-planning our week I realized my return flight from training next week was wrong – set for a day early! My jaw dropped. How? I KNOW I double checked, actually triple checked the dates when I got my flight booked.  I checked the dates AGAIN after I got the confirmation e-mail. HOWWW??? Tears. Thankfully my husband was wise enough to not make some quick remark like ARE YOU SERIOUS, which would have totally been an appropriate response because what. a. fail.  #facepalmx100 After frantically calling and debating and pleading with Priceline, and, of course getting a hard no on any refund or transfer possible, I headed back to my office for a full afternoon of clients. I just did not have enough time to deal with finding and booking a new flight, nor did I have it in me to stomach the cost of purchasing another 1 way flight over such a stupid, costly mistake. I felt so irritated with myself – so pissed at the money we would be paying for another return flight on top of the expense of the training, time off work, etc. It’s worth it, it’s amazing training, but perhaps training on flight booking was more my speed right now. WHY. How could I mess that up?? How could I book the wrong day for my return?? S E R I O U S L Y ?

FFWD a few hours later, I’m heading home, talking to Chris on the phone and he says “Oh she sent us a message! Our fingerprints are scheduled!” WHAAAAAT!!! WHEN!?”
“March 13.”
My heart sank. “I’m gone. 9th through 13th I’m at training, omg what are we going to… wait, wait, WAIT! My flight!”
Chris: “Looks like God knew you needed to be back a day early”.

Me: *bawls my eyes out.
Orchestrate: to arrange or direct the elements of (a situation) to produce a desired effect, especially surreptitiously.

My favorite synonym of surreptitiously – “by stealth”.  I imagine God in ninja clothes with his sharp blade slicing up my triple checked flight plan to make sure I’m home for the crazy important day I’ve been praying fiercely for over the last several weeks.

Conductor – the directing artist of the orchestra. God… in ninja clothes, blade holstered, tap tap tapping on the stand to lead a harmonious, vibrant range of sounds, highs and lows that capture the very chest of the audience with perfect tune and timing.

It would seem to some that this is tiny and coincidental and just a detail that turned out to spare me the inconvenience of booking another flight.  But, when you are sitting at the conductor’s feet, when you are watching that wand closely as it moves and turns and twists, waiting… oh the (*#?%$@!) waiting… you just know when even the slightest move of that guiding wand is directed in your favor.  When you’re sitting in the lap of your Father and clenching to His chest for dear life, dear hope and dear faith, you just know in your heart when you hear Him say, “I love you.” Or in this case – “I love you AND, baby girl, I got you. You’re are not a mad woman for believing all these years. I love you.  our faith is not only moving mountains.  Your faith is healing you. Your faith is bringing him home, day by day.”
Yes, of course He knew I needed to fly home Monday. I love that my husband caught that so swiftly.  I’m forever grateful God dragged me kicking and screaming and bawling from all the no fly zone guys to land me with Chris Johnson.  I love that I got that little “I love you” from my very real Father in Heaven, in the midst of this weary, heart-heavy season of waiting. There are several times he has rewarded, affirmed my faith over these 5 years of journeying to Jamie, but I’ve yet to write about them.  I just decided today I would honor that little stealth move as I get back to my writing ways.

Of course, He knew. He is the perfect timekeeper and appointment planner and travel agent and conductor and directing artist of this beautiful life concert.  He is a good, good Father of orphans – for me and for Jamie, and I –  I’m a heaping mess of gratitude.

Pay close attention. Those little things that drop into our lives are sometimes the biggest and most timely messages of love, but they are often passed by with a simple “well that worked out well” observation, or no notice at all.  These little giant love notes are best experienced from His lap… walking closely to the Father, we hear His heart.

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