Grace like rain…


Yesterday I woke up to the sound of pouring down rain… and I knew.  I didn’t know what, but I knew God had something magical and miraculous in store.  I could feel His smile.

Something like [but bigger than] a breakthrough was coming down with the rain, and it would change my life forever.

These are the phenomenal truths that the rain left behind at the end of the day:

1.  I am chosen. ME. CHOSEN. 🙂

2.  God’s love for me trumps all and frees me to be me. Happily!

3. God’s love also frees me to free others.    ((soak))

4.  [ and this one is a new thing for me, sinking in a different way ]  THE PAIN YOU HOLD IS NOT GREATER THAN THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE.  Or is it?  You choose.  You must choose to let go of one to experience more of the other.  UNforgiveness is AS BAD a thing as [ that thing that hurt you something deep and fierce ]. Forgiveness is a CHOICE of letting go of your pain, first for God, second for you, and third – for your life and relationships to be healed and made new.  What would it be like to move on, not with a grudge, but with a smile and PEACE and be changed forever by giving others the grace you have been given…

What will you let go of to get more of the other? Will it be your pain, or your people?






2 thoughts on “Grace like rain…

  1. I love the pic, I love what you shared, I love the love, grace, belief, freedom, and joy! I have been impacted hugely by these two women also! WHAT a DIFFERENCE we make in each others lives! I would be honored to one day meet you but I kmow you are brave and beautiful and have touched the women at your side as sweetly as they have you! The trgigetory of your life will take you in a FAR DIFFERENT place because of these four truths that yoi havent just given mental assent to, but that have been FELT and EXPERIENCED!!!
    I am thrilled for all! Multiplied blessings!

  2. TRUTH! Love this sooooo much. Healing is such a powerful life changing experience! Your so right, we chose if we heal or not by the things we allow to bind us to our greif, hurt, pain and etc. I love you something fierce sister, thank you for all you have taught me in my life and for always evolving, pushing through the hurt and coming out on the other side a true representation of God’s Grace, Forgiveness and LOVE!!! So Proud of all the WORK the two of you have put forth and what y’all have accomplished because of that work!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!!

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