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Jamie is officially TWELVE!!!!  WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS THE SPIRIT OF JOY HE IS RADIATING FROM THE MOMENT HE WOKE UP!!!!! He woke to balloons and of course my glorious singing!!  He loved his new backpack full of goodies and candy, got to open letters from his brothers and sisters, a new ipod loaded with jams, and of course, NEW KICKS!


And if that didn’t make this day amazing enough, MY HUSBAND IS PREACHING TODAY!!!!!  IN AFRICA!!!!!

GUYS.  If my husband is ANYTHING in this life, he is a pastor.  That’s the only reason I followed him back on Twitter years ago – a gazillion people listed him as “pastor” and I thought that was hot.  🙂  BUT… I’ve yet to witness this until today.  I’ve heard my husband speak at Camp Fusion, and lead in many ways, but this is crazy.  I am married to a pastor that I have never witnessed preach in church! And he, of course was amazing.  Despite having to stop 5 billion times to be translated, he shared a beautiful sermon and spoke so boldly, so powerfully!  I AM THE PROUDEST WIFEY ON THE PLANET!!!!!


And JAMIE… Oh my word, his dad preached in his church.  Can you even imagine?  He is blowing up with pride!!

The boys played some soccer for us today!  We got to cheer them on with Deborah and Johanna who we ADORE.  It was a beautiful day for a game, I just LOVE watching them play!!!

DSC_0076 DSC_0080 DSC_0081







And that night…. oH THAT NIGHT.  It was everything he hoped for!  Speakers were carried up the hill to blare all the jams, glow accessories for party favors (Thx Laura and Maury!!!) Jamie’s cake was a sweet bread and as is tradition with all my children, we all shared something we love about Jamie before he blew out the candles – all in unison because there were so many party guests!  The girls came up the hill to join us, the generator was WORKING, HALLELUJAH, all of the kids had biscuits and pop, and the DANCING.  Well, DANCING would be an UNDERSTATEMENT – I mean it was LIVE PARTY PEOPLE!!! The wittles had a dance contest that was maybe the best thing my eyes have EVER SEEN! lol, ALL NIGHT, they were blowing up that hill with music and laughter and it was beautiful and healing and EVERYTHING to everyone there.  My sweet Jamie, his first birthday party ever… absolutely unforgettable.  I cannot even begin to describe the awe, the glory of it all.  Even these pictures will in no way do it justice, but lets just say this..


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