October: Less face, more book, all the raw.

October is just around the corner.  It’s not just any month for me, but the month I transition from 38-39.  I’ve been pondering a few changes and I’ve decided to use the fresh new month to actually implement them.  Because I need to practice what I preach – knowledge is not power… APPLICATION of knowledge is power.

Turning 39 is awesome.  I actually look forward to 40.  The 30s have been pretty damn awesome and the trends has been that life only gets better by the decade, so I’m down with getting older.  A few things change with age.  As I get older, I care more about the NOW, less about what people think, less critical of myself, more about how to love them, more about what am I doing daily that will be left behind when I’m dead and gone, much more about time with my family, and definitely more about my health.  One great thing social media has done is opened my eyes to a whole new world of nutrition.  When I first got on Instagram, i started following a lot of bodybuilding, lifting, and weight loss accounts.  I’ve since deleted a lot of those and follow more healthy, vegan, plant based, natural eating accounts.

I can tell a difference in my total functioning – mental, emotional, physical, when I detox, fast, or eat vegan/plant based for multiple days in a row.  I don’t do it 100%, but I’d like to test that, I know my body would love it, I just haven’t had the prep power and discipline to go for it.  But, I want the next decade of my life to have a major difference in the way I eat based on what I’ve learned.  MORE APPLICATION.

Lately, I’ve done a lot of research on raw diets. There are some crazy benefits but I feel absolutely incapable of taking the plunge, although I know it would be a great cleanse/detox or possible lifestyle to consider as I get older.  So, no plunging, but definitely steps forward.

photo copy

#1| Watermelon Island

All that raw research lead me to watermelons. A start.  A step.  I recently came across a picture of a girl who had major skin care issues that were completely alleviated by eating watermelon.  Then, everywhere I look I am seeing watermelon benefits, watermelon cleanses, watermelon recipes and I am just CRAVING watermelon.  Well, I’m a little late to the party, seeing as how the season is screaming pumpkins, but, I’m going to do something crazy and I’m only writing it for my own accountability. After researching testimonies of several others, I am going to attempt the watermelon island cleanse.  Google it, instagram it – check the hashtag #watermelonisland — basically it’s where you eat only watermelon for 3-20ish days.  I’m starting with 3, hope to do a week, and not sure grocery stores would even have them to shoot for 2 weeks. WHY:  For one, I love the benefits of mono-meals.  Not having to think about recipes or meal prep, and the body, simplifying life in all areas – time, finances, and most definitely simple digestion which the body loves.  PLUS The fiber, antioxidants, ridiculous eye and skin care, reduce swelling, kills cravings, cancer fighting, natural high, energy producing benefits just look too amazing to not try.  Seriously, these chicks that do this are literally radiating with glowing skin and bouncing off the walls with energy.  Everyone is different, but, for me, my body loves to detox, loves to eat simple foods.  I really hope this prepares me for more of a raw lifestyle and I am so excited about the natural energy boost! So, as suggested, I’m preparing to transition into this detox with eating only salads, raw foods today and tomorrow, making 1-2 only melon meals, and then going for it.


2|  Farewell Facebook.
I’m not going to hate on it, Facebook is great for some things, but the last few years, it seems crazy advertisement driven and only shows about 5 of a gazillion friends I have.  I deleted it off my phone a while back, mostly post through instagram anyway and although I have a studio and counselor page I can manage through an app, and now I can even message with my loves in Africa without getting on fb at all, soooooo, farewell facebook for October.  Woo. Sah.  🙂photo copy


#3|  Book & Bible Study

Write and read. Two things I’m finally jumping in on a She Reads Truth bible study.  This one.  peter_coverIt’s been so long since I’ve done a study like this – centered around a book of the bible – and I’m looking forward to it SO MUCH.  Also, I was supposed to have finished this lingering book so long ago, so I’m going to write.  Every day.  I could finish it, maybe.  But either way, it will be further along that where I am now.  And discipline – that thing I wrote about last week – yeah I need that.   A client recently said to me, “Mrs. have you been writing your book? You are going to finish that book, Mrs. and I can’t wait to see when you do.”  That has stuck with me for weeks.  Inspiriation comes in the most beautiful, simple words and ways.  photo 1

photo 2

What are 3 things you’d like to change for the next 30 days?  If you’d like to join me in breaking watermelon, reading 1&2 Peter or writing accountability, holla!

Here’s to a beautiful October, saying goodbye to 38 years of life and starting year 39 in all the ways I really want to be found,  a little more healthy, much more present, and a lot more writing.  🙂



One thought on “October: Less face, more book, all the raw.

  1. I am going to try the watermelon cleanse. Going to miss ur posts on Facebook maybe ill download Instagram. Im a fan. Always. Someone I aspire to be like.

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