Mom it out



photoThat’s my girls, a couple weeks ago… walking away from us and headed to chapel at Falls Creek for a week.

Since then, it’s been ON.  I can see precious glimpses of their faith blooming.  And it has been amazing to see.

And, of course, right on cue – as they grow closer to God, the spiritual warfare has been THICK.

This last week has been one of the most discouraging I’ve ever known.  The enemy has been on my back, in my face, and throwing punches from every direction.  Being a mom is absolutely the greatest gift this life has to offer. And, yet the hardest thing we could ever do in life.  No matter what we want for our children, we cannot keep them from the evil in this world.  They are going to encounter people that will hurt them, deceive them, manipulate them, break their hearts and build walls that hold them back from the very things you want for them.  Some days it feels like all is for nothing, that our efforts and prayers and all that we give and do every day is wasted.

But, it is not.  Nothing is wasted.

Screw discouragement.  I’m done with waking up in fear of what my children may go through and going to bed sleepless from worrying about their destiny.

I do not know how people that worry all of the time live.  I am not a worrier, but I have been lately.

Doubt is gripping.  Anxiety is a MURDERER.  Worry is a LIE.

And all of these FEELINGS will keep us from our blessings, distract us from our callings.  Instead of pressing on and running through the race to the end, we stop and feel and feel and feel and feel some more until LIFE begins to pass us right by.

Even when we feel these feelings we cannot let them begin to build a foundation.  What are you building your life on today?  What are you building your children up with? What are you building your marriage on today?  A foundation of feelings or a foundation of GOD?

I proclaim that this week I will fight back.  I will pray.  I will laugh.  I will be present with my husband and my children and stop crying.  I will stand on the promises and know that MY GOD HAS GOT ME.

and He’s got my daughters.  Each of them, regardless of their decisions, regardless of where they are, REGARDLESS OF HOW I FEEL, my God is THEIR GOD, TOO.

He is their Protector, their Peace, their Redeemer, their Comfort, their SAVIOR.  Everything He is and has been to me, He is to my daughters.

He will give them wisdom, and some days they will choose to heed it.  And some days they won’t, and some days other voices will get in the way of mine, but nothing will ever take them out of the clutch of God and His destiny for them.

So, when you feel discouraged —- ooooooooohweeeeeee, don’t it suck!?!?  Remember, keep praying.


Keep listening.

Keep believing.


Even if you don’t “feel” victorious”, even if you “feel” defeated, keep fighting.


The enemy would love to distract you and keep you down.  Remember why the fight is a fight – because you are mom.  MOM = FIGHTER, CHOSEN WARRIOR.  The enemy hates you because you are POWERFUL.  You, as a MOM are CHOSEN and CALLED to each of your children for a PURPOSE.  Never forget that.


<<<Press into the promises in His Word. >>>>

Your bible is your weapon and your protection.  PICK IT UP AND USE IT.

Screw discouragement.  Feed your faith.  Be fearless in praying for and believing for and loving your miracles.


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