Single Space WEEK 3!!!


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1 Corinthians 7:8

But I say to the unmarried and to the widows: it is good for them if they remain even as I am ( SINGLE).   NIV

I do, though, tell the unmarried and widows that singleness might well be the best thing for them, as it has been for me.   MSG

But to the unmarried people and to the widows, I declare that it is well (good, advantageous, expedient, and wholesome) for them to remain [single] even as I do.  Amplified version 


Watch this for details!!

Memory Verse:
A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.  ~Proverbs 15:1

**THIS is the verse I share MOST OFTEN when counseling married women – GET IT DOWN NOW!!  It was save your husband’s spirit, your sanity, and your future marriage!!

This is an exciting week!!

Soak in Proverbs 15:1 and make your AIN’T NO WIFEY lists!!


1. Share your lists with your community group & accountability partner(s)

2. Comment below with your WIFEY LIST and your AIN’T NO WIFEY LIST! So excited to see what’s on YOUR single bucket list!! =)

11 thoughts on “Single Space WEEK 3!!!

  1. Hi! Here is my Wifey list!

    1. Loves The Lord
    2. Speaks words of life to and about her husband
    3. Hard worker
    4. Independent but submissive
    5. Fun/full of laughter
    6. Wise
    7. Fit
    8. Not easily angered
    9. Not jealous
    10. Protects hub’s heart
    11. Cooks/cleans & still a hottie

    & here’s my Ain’t No Wifey list!

    1. Live in NYC for as long as possible. (Or forever!)
    2. Finish school
    3. Go to Paris
    4. Foster a child
    5. Go to a music festival
    6. Dance classes forever
    7. Go to a late night show- preferably Jimmy Fallon
    8. Dance in Africa
    9. Make new lifelong friends
    10. Learn to surf and snowboard
    11. Go on dope dates
    12. Make career monies!
    13. Change my hair as much as possible
    14. Take cooking classes
    15. Watch the sunrise and sunset in my favorite city and beach
    16. Get more tattoos!


    1. LOOOOVE!!! That wifey list is going to make for one HAPPY HUSBAND!!! And YES PLEASE to all of the Ain’t No Wifey list!! I can soooo see you doing all of that!! GET ON IT GIRL!!!

    1. Chasing After God (Run toward God so fast he has to keep up to keep me)
    2. Selfless (Die to self; Live for God and my man)
    3. Strong but Malleable (Strong NOT hard)
    4. True to Self (God created me to be exactly who I am; no man can change that)
    5. Conscious of My Behavior (Actions speak louder than words
    6. Team Mentality (He is to be my equal, my rock, my best friend)
    7. Shine My Light (I have a purpose, a meaning in life, no one can kill that inner light)
    8. Loving Wholly and Completely (No Holds BARRED)
    9. Always Growing (Stop Moving, Stop Changing, Stop Growing You Die – Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually)
    10. Sexy Silly and Smart – Just for Him (Dates, Lingerie, Alone Time, Tackles, Talks, Notes; MAKE HIM FEEL SPECIAL LOVED and WANTED)

    1. Start My Own Business and Make It Successful
    2. Become a HUGE Advocate for Anti-Human Trafficking
    3. Get a Passport and USE It
    4. Write a Book
    5. Finish My Other 3 Books
    6. Graduate a Post-Bachelor Degree Program
    7. Make Enough Money to Financially Back Something/Someone Deserving

    In Jesus’ Name!

    1. Wow, you can really see your generous heart for others through both of these lists, which I love!! Godspeed, girly!! Thank you for sharing!!


    1. Be a Proverbs 31 Woman – ALL the way!
    2. Support my husband (and SHOW it) in his decisions, his work, his dreams
    3. Make our home a REFUGE for him from the world, not a place of strife
    4. Show thoughtfulness – do things big AND little to make him feel special ❤
    5. Always be on a mission, NOT lazy!
    6. Show RESPECT and represent him/myself/our family with honor
    7. Remember to slow down and ENJOY his company; LAUGH with each other
    8. Keep myself physically and mentally healthy…and lookin' good! 😉
    9. Be an interesting partner by continuing to learn new things/develop new interests/grow as a person
    10. Be thankful (and SHOW it) for him and for our marriage


    1. Learn Spanish (again) and maybe Italian while I'm at it
    2. Take the girls to Harry Potter World!!!
    3. Take more trips to see Mom in KS while it's still "just us girls"
    4. Start running 5K's again
    5. Get back to writing
    6. Go to LONDON ❤
    7. Take adult ballet classes
    8. Get my yoga on
    9. Finish my list of books that I want to read (I looooove my bedtime reading time!)
    10. Take a girl's trip with friends to NYC or Miami…or maybe even Mexico 🙂

    1. Fuuuuun!!! These are so great!!! My single mom days were the best!! So many memories, I love that you are embracing your “just us girls” season! Godspeed momma!!!

  4. okay, so better late than never, right? first of all, i loved making my wifey list – it actually really helped me with my husband list. because, before i made my personal list, i struggled with coming up with even ten things for my husband list. but once i started listing things i want to bring into my marriage, it helped me think about what i really desire in my husband. so, here’s my wifey list:
    1~ always pursuing a relationship with God
    2~ tender and respectful
    3~ openly communicative
    4~ self-sufficient yet submissive
    5~ hard worker
    6~ good house/home keeper
    7~ maintain a sense of humor
    8~ loyal {won’t speak ill of my husband}
    9~ peace seeker
    10~ confident in who i am and in Christ’s love and protection

    okay, so that was the easy part. i’ve struggled more with the non-wifey list. i am 33 and have never been married or had kids, so i feel like i have already done a lot of the things i would tend to list. so, i was thinking maybe i’d list those things i’m happy to have already been given the opportunity to do, and add the things i would like to do before getting married.
    1~ spend new year’s eve {my birthday!!} in times square in nyc – done!
    2~ travel – i’ve been to almost all 50 states, so i’d say mostly done {i’d love for future trips, maybe to other countries, to be made with my husband :)}
    3~ start my own business – done!
    4~ have a child live with me – done! {it wasn’t officially a fostering thing, but i was able to take in a girl who needed a home for awhile}
    5~ learn who i am, experiment and have fun with my style – done! from tattoos to crazy hair colors, it’s been fun to get to do what i want, how i want, with my style, and i trust that God has a guy for me who will love all my crazy ways 🙂
    6~ mentor younger girls ~ done! and doing. 🙂 i know that when i am married and possibly have children, i might not have the time to pour into others the way i get to now. i absolutely cherish the time i get to spend with my teen girls from church
    7~ pay off debt – not done! this is a big one for me.
    8~ start my other business, the one i’ve held in my heart for a long time, and need a miracle from God in order to make it happen 🙂
    9~ get healthy – i am sure this is something that is easier to accomplish while single, so i need to get on it already!
    10~ learn to successfully garden – because i’m a hippie-ish nerd 🙂

    1. You have done so much already!! And to think God has so much more in store!! So excited for this season for you girl!! I have no doubt he has someone absolutely Ahhhhmazing on the way for you in His perfect timing!! XOXO


    1. travel on mission trips as much as possible
    2. become a runner
    3. read the bible in a year
    4. get back into dancing
    5. become a legit occupational therapist
    6. read the narnia books — i’ve never done it!
    7. go paint balling 🙂
    8. gain UE strength
    9. become a better cook
    10. pray for all the countries

    1. a continual contentment in Jesus
    2. hard worker — SELF DISCIPLINED
    3. thoughtful and prayerful of others more than myself
    4. DRENCHED in his WORD
    5. prayer warrior
    6. always mission minded
    7. STILL ambitious
    8. healthy and fit — get it right, get it tight
    9. obedient to HIS WILL

    1. Hahahaaa get it right, get it tight!! Love every single bit of this girl! You are going to make some guy a very happy hubby!! And I got you on #4 on Ain’t No Wifey!!

  6. My List:

    1. Submerge myself in God’s Word!
    2. Make friends with God’s Daughter, Not of the world
    3. Run a 5k non-stop
    4. Try Rock Climbing
    5. Purchase a Home
    6. Volunteer/Mentor in my community
    7. Be slow to anger/less opinionated
    8. Inspire people by my actions
    9. Read 35 books this year (Read 30 last year)
    10. Be paitent and wait… my prince is coming 🙂

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