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The other day I jotted down “new travel coffee mug” on my grocery list. I do enough travel now – especially to areas that starbucks is nowhere to be found and Sonic is the best java I can get to. Same day, later that evening, I got to a work Christmas party and BAM! Got this little blessing AND it comes with FREE COFFEE for all of January!!! I just laughed, knowing God was smiling on me like a parent that watches their child open that gift they know they will love! An absolute GOD TAKES GOOD CARE OF HIS GIRLS moment for me! So, hey – if you haven’t gotten someone that perfect gift, free coffee is always a good idea!



photo 3

My new wifey trucker hat. A little dream come true, and so much more.


photo 5

THIS STUFF. Forget all the pricey skin and hair care products. Just this. Hair hallelujah.


photo 2 copy

See that little bit of emerald green? I lava her. ❤

#5photo 1

And this smile.


Just for you writers out there – you know who you are:

Take the 5 MINUTE writing challenge!! Find 5 fabulous things about your week, throw them on a page! If you choose to accept my challenge, please comment with below with your wordpress, weebly, blogspot, tumblr, or napkin – whatever you can write on, JUST WRITE!

6 thoughts on “FAB FRIDAY 5 IN 5!!

  1. 1. Jingle Bell Rock – so many memories of my grandmother when I hear this.
    2. My job! – God really answered my prayers with this part time gig with great people and flexible hours and days.
    3. Spontaneity – I’m working on saying yes more, so a spontaneous trip to see Santa and to Pinkitzel with the boys (this lesson came from you, Stace, when you took Jacey to California (I think) and one of your goals was to say yes as much as possible).
    4. My in-laws. I lucked out. They are the best.
    5. Chocolate covered cherries. Also remind me of my grandmother at Christmas.

    1. That is so funny that you said that Darcey! Just a couple of days ago God reminded me of that YES challenge and I know I need to be refreshed in that thought process, thanks for the confirmation and reminder! I saw the Pinkitzel pic, so cuhhute!!! These are all just DO FABULOUS! Thank you for sharing, friend!! ❤

  2. I’m up for the challenge

    1) His word !! It’s always true and always is there for me.
    2) him ~> my man ~> my love ❤️ Talked about setting a wedding date tonight. Be still my heart.
    3) my girls ~> my life love them to the moon and back again
    4) my momma who always lets me cry if I need to over any if the above.
    5) pizza and chocolate hmmm favorite comfort foods.

  3. I’m a little late, because it’s Monday, but here we go:

    1. I got out of bed today, finally.

    2. Both Nirvana AND Hall and Oates have been selected to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And YES, it is possible to like both bands.

    3. I’m going to write a teensy weensy story about almost getting kicked out of the US Senate viewing gallery.

    4. I got an encouraging note from an old friend.

    5. I read a story today about a reporter helping 2 kids make their way in the world. It helped to remind me that I should be grateful for what I have.

    6. Just because. I don’t link ending things on an odd number. I’m strange that way.

    1. Nikki, know that I have been praying for you and I know God has great things in store for this new year for you! You are a blessing to me and I love you!!!

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