working on a thing… thought I’d share a snippet with you.  Maybe you need this today, I know I do.


but those who wait on The Lord, those who hope in The Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. ~Isaiah 40:31

If you are familiar with this verse, you can tell I’ve combined a couple of versions.  Usually you will see either “those that WAIT on The Lord”, or “those who HOPE in The Lord”.  I lean to believe that different bible versions are God inspired and intimately, personally full of purpose.  Multiple translations can be beneficial to us by using various language to hit us right where we need it most in different seasons. In this case, both are good.  Both are powerful.  Both are necessary.

WAIT and HOPE.  Neither are optional.  Both are critical.

Never attempt one without the other.  Waiting without hope will depress you.  Hoping without waiting won’t give you the deep treasures that lie beneath your suffering.  Wait with hope.  Bind them together in your heart, as one fuels and breathes life into the other.

Often our least favorite thing to do, yet it has proven time and time again to be key to our healing in every way. The essential element of waiting is not a mystery.   It’s not even an option.  Suffering will force us into life’s waiting room and there is no way around that one thing we cannot control: time.   And as time either quickly marches on or slowly passes, HOW we wait can be the difference between our destiny and misery.

|  Enter HOPE.  |

This is not clenching our fists and screaming with the impatience of an infant.  It’s the divine anticipation of a thing, with belief, optimism and endurance.  This is how we wait.  Wait with expectation.  There is not room enough in us for both God’s healing and our doubt.  Wait without desperation.  Let hope kill despair.  Moments, days, seasons of discouragement may come upon us.  Respond with HOPE.  Wait with faith.

“And now, Lord, what do I wait for?  My hope is in You.”  ~Psalm 39:7

Challenge for today: Meditate on Psalm 39:7.  As many versions as you like.

Prayer for today:

Lord, we often don’t even know how to associate the word “wait” with anything remotely positive.  This fast and furious culture has taught me to value quick-fixes and hi-speed everything.  Teach me Your way.  Your gentle, always on time way.  Show me how to wait, in faith and expectancy of Your promises in my life and in my body.  Show me how to hope.  Help my faith. Deplete me of doubt and steady my mind and heart on Your close and constant confirmation of who You are instead of how I feel.  Thank you for loving and healing me.  ~In Jesus’ Name, Amen



Are you supposed to be writing?  Here’s your friendly reminder to get off your excuse caboose and GET BUSY.  =)


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