Everything glorious

Last night my husband & I dreamed beautiful dreams together. Then we layed and held one another and prayed and believed. And then the rain came pouring down.❤

It’s work changing to let go of yourself for what you can be together. HARD work to be obedient to God and endure Him gutting you out of all your selfishness, self-righteousness, all your pain from your past and remove the bandaids from our battle wounds to reveal our open sores. But this is something far deeper and greater than I’ve ever known and the more we seek His will and do the work to make changes for His glory, the more He blows our minds, heals our hearts, and moves our marriage to another level of power and intimacy that I never in my wildest dreams imagined possible. I know a lot… but DOING, I suck at that sometimes. Ok, I suck at it a lot.
Knowledge is not power… application of knowledge is power.

~Do not merely listen to The Word and deceive yourselves. DO what it says. ~ James 1:22

Healthy relationships is a new thing for me, I’m learning a lot, sometimes the lessons are violent and treacherous on my old self – like God is ripping demons out of me and I fall weak and weary to the floor from fighting for my way… But then when He picks me up off the floor, and I open my eyes, I’m speechless, in awe, and everything is healthy and unfamiliar – like waking up in someone else’s home. But it’s my home. And He is clothing me and my husband with healing from our pasts through each other and redeeming His calling on our lives for His glory. He is making us new. He is making is one. And it is strange,
and it is beautiful.


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