Sandwich Moments


Sunday Gleanings & Sermon Notes 1/27 Jon Acuff Assembly @BA
So. Much. !!!!!!!!!!!

Discovery is not what we’re called to do –
God calls us to RECOVERY

Instead of asking what do I want to be… ask:
What have I done in my life that I love?
Hinge moments!!
You think you’re headed in 1 direction & all of a sudden God turns you in another direction.
Goliath – he didn’t arrive on a chariot – he was there delivering LUNCH to his brother. Sandwich delivery.
Most of us don’t want the sandwich moments.

Eliana – saw a picture if a little homeless girl “That’s just pretend, right?”
Blog- raised $30,000 in 18hrs
And again. Built 2 kindergartens in

Stop trying to fix ourselves.

We think premarital counseling is for foundation
& post marital counseling is for failures.

Our God fixes problems with parties.

I couldn’t fix me with me.

He rises to show you compassion ~Isaiah 30


~~~Afternoon Impact Session ~~~

Fear only gets louder when you do things that matter.

Doubts – thoughts:
1. Write them down.
2. Answer them.
3. Share them.

Fear fears community.

Voices loves to use the word “enough” bc it’s so undefined.
Not enough time, money, experience

Fears is schizophrenic. It always argues both sides.
Too old, too young, not yet, too late, not qualified, over qualified

Be ready for haters.

Just like fear, haters only get louder
when you do things that matter.

Act like the founder of SWAirlines.
Hater letters, finally sent one back saying,
“We will miss you.”

You can’t be lazy at your day job & think you’ll someday hustle at your dream job. All sides of you are linked – they affect each other. It matters. It all matters.

Dave Ramsey ~ staff meetings –
Gossip is a fire-able offense.

Intentions are liars. Your calendar tells the truth.
If it’s worth to you it will show up in time.

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