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Tuesday Shoesday! Shoes & friends & friends’ shoes

This past weekend Abi & I gifted our sweet friend Laura with her first pair of sparkly shoes for her birthday celebration!  Very cool thing – Laura is about to have surgery and finally spend her very first year of life without a heart condition.  Life is so different when we realize how short it is, but a handbreadth scripture says.  We had such a lovely night talking about guys and fashion and dancing the night away!  Funny, I met both of these lovely ladies on Twitter years ago and since then God has blessed us to be used in each other’s lives with precious times of prayer and accountability.  I’m so grateful for their friendship and beauty!  Twitter makes everything better.


I came across this pic in my phone the other day and it brought back a sweet memory of KBoo & I celebrating Nikki’s bday earlier this year, and reminded me how much these two have meant to me this last couple of years.  Grad school was really, really, really, REALLY. hard.  Like, more than I can say.  Lately, as I get close to graduation – I recall the voices that helped cheer me down that road, the smallest amounts of support that made all the difference in my grad school journey.  These two cheered, they spoke life to me, loud and clear they fed me with their positive pushes – and I’m forever grateful.  It means the world to me to know that both of them will be there Saturday for one last grad school cheer as I walk that stage.  They helped me get there.

People, we need each other.  ❤

One thought on “Tuesday Shoesday! Shoes & friends & friends’ shoes

  1. I feel so popular! Thank you. Best thing all day.
    You. Are. A. Rockstar. Can’t wait to see you graduate!

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