#TuesdayShoesday~ BDayPalooza, Bachelorette, & BOOTS!

Just a quick Tuesday Shoesday catch up!  Because the universe has opened time and space for me lately in such a way that I CAN!

One of the things that took my breath away when I met Boo was when he arrived to take me to lunch, our first time meeting face to face – he brought me shoes.

Black heels.  Hot ones, too.  And he has bought me a few pair since – like these yummies just laying on the bed when I came home from class one random Saturday. No special occasion… just. be.cause.

Shoes need no special occasion, and he gets that.  He gets me.  🙂


My sweet friend Lauren finally got HITCHED!!!  I ADORE this little woman!  But it wasn’t until this night that I knew she could dance ALL NIGHT LONG!  Her bachelorette party was such a blast – and extra special because we got to shower her with hot lingerie!  True love waited… you go girl!

I didn’t go shoe hunting for BDayPalooza this year… but I wore my Pinterest shoe crush from last year… Ever since I saw that beautiful Asian bride rocking these babies in a pin – they just never get old to me.  Oh, hey, Boo & Leen…


So grateful for those fly girls Leen, Jamms, & B-ritt for steppin’ out in DTown with me for yet another round of fun memories!  I FREAKING LOVE MY TRUE BLUES!!


I did go shoe hunting for a must-have pair of black wedge boots this year… FAIL.  But, then my rockstar daughters brought the bliss when they gifted me these yummy BCBGs for my bday!  They are PERFECT!

Sister Shoe War ~  everybody always wins 🙂  One of the MANY things I LOVE about my FABULOUS sisters is their unstoppable style… each one unique.  It’s funny and awesome how we all love a lot of the same things, but are all still verrrrrry different.

Can you guess who is who?  I FREAKING LOVE MY SISTERS.


Last week was my final class of grad school, this week is my final week of internship, and T-10 days until I finally walk. that. stage. Oh GLORIOUS GRADUATION – I can hardly believe it!!!  One of the toughest parts of the journey was that CCI.. ugh, my stomach turns just thinking about it.   23 —>SINGLE SPACE<— pages later… I had to wear purple for the final presentation.  And bows.  Because happy feet wear bows.  😉

As Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

Happy Tuesday Shoesday Shoeluvuhhs!!  And hey –

…unless of course you’re saving for Africa.  In which case, just blog about them.  Ciao, bellas!

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