So this morning, as usual, Jacey does her little knock on our door, waits patiently for me to wake up and say “come in”, and walks her not-so-little-anymore self to my side of the bed, crawls in, and becomes my little spoon for our morning snugglebuggles.  It’s the best.  My FAVORITE.  I mean, really.  Our son, Skylar tells me, “Everything is your favorite!”  But for real for real – that’s my favorite.

I know you may want your own child to come in your own preferred way, but sometimes we just don’t have that option.  For me, cancer didn’t TAKE my chance to have children.  God used it to make me a mom to His perfect child for me.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  NOT ANY OTHER WAY.

Because then I wouldn’t have her.

And she made me what I’ve always wanted to be…


























Adventures of Jacey, now…

Oh hey.  It’s National Adoption Awareness month, party people!!!!

Celebrate by being open to God’s way of bringing you your very own FAVORITE little spoon.  🙂


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