Hey Soul Sister

Today KT is coming for the last bit of her things…. she’s moving … out… of my home.

I met her new people… it made me cry. I saw her new room… it made me cry. We went to dinner, danced, sang, laughed, prayed. She blogged this…   it made me cry.

About 6 years ago, Keliann became a part of our dance team. And by part, I do mean a beautiful, talented, amazingly limber and graceful piece of our dance puzzle. Her contagious, free spirit beamed light into any room. It was then that I fell in love with her. And then my daughter fell in love with her… sealing our forever deal.
Over the years, we’ve only grown closer. She has helped with dance programs, Camp Fusion, and out of those bonds grew a unique relationship built on both discipleship and friendship. It was already special. Already precious. But for the last year and a half, KT has become so much more to me… a roommate, a Crew helpmate, and a soul sister.

God has graciously given us to each other – used us to sharpen one another, as iron sharpens iron, to encourage and challenge one another, to carry one another in prayer, to travel and explore the world together, to foster together, and see some of our wildest dreams come true.

It’s not the end of us.
But it is the end of a season.
One season… filled with about a hundred lifetimes of happiness & memories that flood my heart.
It’s right. I know it’s time. A little fast, but dang I was going to bawl my eyes out no matter when she left. There’s no preparing for these seasons lately… they come and go so quickly… my head is spinning sometimes, my heart hardly ready for the next hello, the next goodbye. I’ve learned so much, I hope I haven’t hurt too much… when you only want the best for someone you love, you can sometimes get in the way of it. Even though she’s not my child, she was born into my heart and into a season of my life that has shaped me and molded me in ways that I cannot even describe in words. As I look back… as much as I tried to teach, to lead, to give, to serve, to love… it was Keliann that did all of those things for me.

God gave me you.
For a season… for a Crew,
God gave me you.

I’ll only say so long. Not so long like “goodbye”… but so long I have adored you, and so long I always will.

And though our season is ending as we have known it, a new one is already beginning for us both… it’s beautiful, and bittersweet,
but we are never far apart… because:

New York.
Tweet ups.
Saturday mornings.
Tuesday nights.
Friday morning donuts.
Peanut Butter.
Your chair in my office.
French fries.
Your bar in Philly.
Hair nights.
Free lunch in ice storms.
Wobble. On a Cruise.
The Statue of Liberty.
Ground Zero.
Six Flags.
NY purses.
On the Border.
Car dance parties.
Chips & Salsa in D. C.
Jacey’s fever blisters.
Secondhand Serenade.
Being able to start grad school.
Milk Duds.
That sound my phone makes when I get a DM.
Christmas breaks.
And the day I met Chris.

All of these things will forever remind me of you.

Take Care my sweet Soul Sister, because YOLO.
but above all else…
guard your heart.

Baby girl, guard your heart.


10 thoughts on “Hey Soul Sister

  1. This song came on Pandora as soon as I started reading this.

    “Our lives are made in these small hours
    These little wonders, these twists and turns of fate
    Time falls away but *these* small hours
    These small hours remain.”

    All the hours we spent together feel like lifetimes. And I could never forget a moment of it.

    God gave me you.
    My soul sister.
    Forever. ❤

    1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….
      Things have happened in us we don’t even yet realize… in these small hours, these days. I have no idea why God gave us these precious moments, so so many, just piles of precious moments… I don’t deserve it, but I’m forever grateful. And ever and ever. ❤

  2. I am SO excited to see where her life is going to take her. I wish I was like KT when I was her age.

    PS-I miss you on twitter/facebook.

    1. Made me cry, too. AGAIN. Love you Darce, thanks for always thinking of, supporting, and praying for my girls. Your prayers have been powerful in KT’s life. ❤

  3. Precious are the words within this.
    Precious is His love that is greater than ours.
    Precious is our ability to show His love through us towards others and to grow with each other.
    Soul Sisters.

    Praying for your new season and for K’s new season as well. AND … looking forward to the blogs of the new memories and moments you will create within this season!

  4. Was browsing through your blog looking for a post and ran across this.
    I shed a few tears rereading it. The list. Ah, all of them perfect.

    You are great. & I love you. Still.

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