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Oh TuesdayShoesday is just this fabulous way of sharing and celebrating via the world wide web with people all over that have one passion in common.



I typically participate on Twitter and Tumblr, but I have a few pieces blog-worthy shoe-news.

Basically, on Tuesday Shoesday, you can do a few things, like share a pic of whatever you’re rockin’ at the office, such as these for me today.  I love back bows.  LOVE.

Or you can share a pic of a fabulous shoe crush, this Slingback LadyPeep by Christian Louboutin is my current crush… and on this year’s bucket list.

Or a recent shoe purchase…

wait, wait, wait…. *que the shoe tunes

And now… after much hunting for the perfect pair, I am now the proud owner of:

my. first. Js.  *SQUEEE!

Bucket list, CHECK.

Tuesday Shoesday is also a great day to share shoe “experiences” 🙂 Like KT’s BDay!

Her girls came straight!

I have an amazing shoe-tastic memory from Vegas ~  it was there, in the Venetian, that I had the opportunity to visit an actual Christian Louboutin store.

This was a shoeluvuhhhs DuhREAM!

yep… those are my feet in some Loubis…

I didn’t get to leave with those babies, but Vegas did give me these…


So this makes me smile.  I’ve been gutting my room since Saturday (still not done).  Since we decided to wait on buying a house and rather save and stay in my apartment (that I love so much), we need to make room for the man.   But, truth is, my room is overflowing with me, so we had to make some organizationally creative decisions.

Thanks Boo.  And Pinterest.

And while we’re on the subject….


Back in 2010, I blogged about Jacey’s first pair of black heels here.

This is my mini-me just this past summer.

The setting is Baker’s.  on 5th Avenue,  NYC.

I had just turned around in time to catch her falling in love with a ridiculously too high pair of polka dot pumps.

Ahhh, melt!

I love this picture so much!

Especially the dirty old flip flop, that’s the best. 🙂








Happy (FAT) Tuesday Shoesday! ❤

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