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Above all else…

“The snake’s words hissed into her ears and sunk down deep into her heart, like poison. ”

This morning the girls and I were reading from their children’s bible and came across these words… they just struck me.

What a vivid way to describe the process of deception.

We talked about how the enemy can deceive us… every day.

Every day we have to be on guard, protect our hearts.

There a million different scenarios I can think of to describe how this happens, how it has happened to my friends, family, to my girls, and how it’s happened to me.

But in all of the different ways I’ve seen deception manifested, they are almost all the exact same in this:

Satan makes us think we HAVE TO HAVE something that God desires to protect us from.

It just reminds me, yet again, to cling for dear life to TRUTH, and in moments like this morning, to teach my girls to do the same.

And it reminds me, yet again, of these two verses that rocked my world a couple of years ago, and since then God has continued to reveal to me the depth of their truth.

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?

~Jeremiah 17:9

and this one…

Above all else, guard your heart  ~Proverbs 4:23

There was a time when I wished that someone had prayed these scriptures for me all the years of my life growing up.  What a precious, priceless gift that would have been.  It would have avoided much deception… much heartache.

Now, as a mom, this is my greatest cry for Jacey.  And now for all of my girls.  I cannot encourage you enough to pray Proverbs 4:23 over and for your children, especially your daughters.  Let’s not raise what PINK calls “stupid girls”.

Oh for my girls to never know the loss I have, the insufferable heartache of an unprotected heart.  I will go to battle for that, for them.  I know there will be mean girls at school, there will be materialistic lies that draw their eyes, and jerk guys that attempt to charm them as they get older… there may be little battles they surrender to along the way.

But as God is my witness, on my knees, day by day, I will win the war for their hearts.

BEFORE this happens…

“The snake’s words hissed into her ears and sunk down deep into her heart, like poison. “

PRAY this:

Above all else, guard your heart  ~Proverbs 4:23

P.S.  It’s never to late to start praying that prayer.

One thought on “Above all else…

  1. WOW!! Such strong verses! Thanks for sharing that, gives me new prayers for my girls and myself.

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