NYC Days 8-10 =D

DAY 8:  Today Show/ Empire State Building / 5th Avenue Shopping, (Yay for H&M  & the most beautiful Guess Store I’ve ever laid eyes on!!)  /Carriage ride through Central Park / More 5th Avenue 🙂

Day 9: African Dance Class/ Times Square / Hershey’s store / M&M Store / Dinner @ The Playwright / Mary Poppins on Broadway!  Did I just say that?

DAY 10:  Booklyn Tabernacle… Holy WOW.  / FAO Schwarz / Times Square

& cry.

DAY 11:  Fly home… to family, loves, flowers, energy shots, peanut butter, Dr. Pepper, and of course, Oreo.

So, this is what it looks like on top of the Empire State Building! Funny how quiet it is… like everyone is just in awe.

Jace HADDDD to video this.

My child is the life of the party everywhere we go.  🙂

Remember awesome toy store in the movie BIG? And the Piano??  I never dreamed I’d see that first hand.  We got to play on it as well, I was a like a kid… well a kid on a giant piano in a giant toy store!  What a BLAST to enjoy that with my girls!

Sunday Morning at The Brooklyn Tabernacle was INCREDBILE.  The girls even got to go down to the front and sing with all of the children.  After they headed down I looked over to find Jacey’s little black heels still sitting on the floor where she had been standing!  She had gone all the way down there and sang… barefoot.  Classic.

Sermon note:  “Parents, don’t frustrate your children by not listening to them.  If you won’t listen, someone else will.” ~Jim Cymbala

He also preached on Proverbs 11:25 ~  “He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed”…. which has been staying on my mind and heart ever since that morning.  What a promise.

All week we’d been speedwalking through this vacation, taking in as much as we possibly could each day.  But that last night, we walked as slow as molasses heading back.  It was a beautiful, unforgettable night in New York City.  I can think of no better finale to our dream trip than to experience firsthand some old school street hip hop.  We were in hip hop HEAVEN. I mean seriously??  It’s like the entire trip was tailor made by God just for us…. right down to this.

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