Dream Trip Day 6: NEW. OMG. YORK.

Ok remember what I said about Philly’s downtown?  SCRATCH. THAT.

Helloooooooooooo NEW YORK!!!!  Philly is no less amazing than I said it was – but OH MY GAWWWSH.  How do you even begin to put into words all that is New York City???  There aren’t words.  There are no sentiments for this insane inner high stepping into Times Square… it. Is. OUT. Rageous.

So que the last leg of our trip, the crew has landed in the Big Apple, and we have sooooo much to conquer!  We landed in Jersey where we’re staying for the week at this precious historical building that is now a Ramada.  Everything down to the elevator reminds me of home.  First, we slept in, since this morning was all about recovering from the last 5 days and resting up for a fresh go at 5 more days of adventure!  Then around lunch we threw on our digs (Thunder Up) and made our way through Jersey City to the Path train that took us straight to 33rd street.

We climbed the stairs up to the street and just died.  And then came back to life.  We looked to the right, died again, came back to life.  Looked to the left, behind us, circled around and proceeded to go numb from shock.

Total silence fell on all four of us for several minutes.

On the outside, we were still.  Other than breathing, completely still.

On the inside… a party was rising ever so slowly.

We’re in New York.

WE are in New York.

We ARE in New York.

We are IN New York.

We are in NEW York.


The next several minutes was all camera clicking.   Who knows what we were taking pictures of.  Click click click click and a mazillion times more… CuhLICK!

Finally we figured out some sense of direction and began to move with the rushing crowd that up to this point had been making its way around us.  Before long the energy of the city infiltrated us and soon we were one with that rushing crowd, moving fast, in step with strangers, destination driven.

First stop – Broadway Dance Center – the mecca of NY dancers that just happens to be hosting So You Think You Can Dance week.. THIS week.  We had to sign in early to claim our spot for contemporary class with THE Ellenore Scott.

Did I just say that?

On the way to the dance center, we met Gus, our first New Yorker friend.  He’s awesome.  He sold us some yummy ice cream from his truck and told us a little about himself.  Gus is one those wide smile guys with big city personality!  He also has a sensitive heart as we found out when he noticed our Thunder T’s and assured us he would be praying for our team.  Awwwe… I love a good smack talker.  We’ve already seen Gus twice and hope to come across him again.

Also on the way to Broadway, we went through Times Square and were born again.

There are no words.  Pictures don’t come close to doing justice.  I’ve seen that place a bazillion times on MTV, in movies, but still I wasn’t prepared.  There is simply NOTHING in the world like standing in Times Square.

When we finally made it to the dance center we were there a while.  Got checked in, drooled over the viewing window at NY dance classes going on right there in front o f our faces, and of course took much time in the dance shop picking out some new dance attire.  We made two more NYC buddies there and had a great time chatting with them while we shopped.  By the time we left, we couldn’t wait to come back for dance.


While getting our souvenir shopping done we noticed a big crowd and lots of squeals coming from across the street.  None other than Keifer Sutherland was standing crowd center all glorious with his tattooed up arms and gorgeous smile!  But wait, that’s not all… a few seconds later here comes Mr. BIG!!!

Camera clicking ensued, and we may or may not have done some squealing too.

Celebrity sightings on the first day?  YES PLEASE!!!!!

With a little more time to spare before class we grabbed some yummy NYC pizza and a few steals at the Times Square Forever 21.


Also heaven — >  dancing out the story of a diarrhea stricken ballerina on a big, beautiful dance floor with the view of all things New York pouring through the big windows.  With Ellenore Scott.  IN NEW YORK.

Bring it KT…


I know, that’s what I said.  I still don’t believe it and I’m pretty sure KT is dance happy for life.  I hope she does actually go home with us after experiencing FOUR NY dance classes…  although if I were here I would totally be saying ”Sayonara sisters, see ya on the holidays!”

On the way back we fit in another quick round of more Times Square, including the huge Toys R Us store for the littles and some candy shopping at Willy Wonka’s.

First day in New York City… EPIC.

This week is going to rock our faces OFF.


Every. Single. Thing.


They don’t exist in New York.


So much.

Song of the day:

Just like a dream by The Cure…. Because it is.

I’m telling you, I seriously have  a constant auto-play life soundtrack playing in my head at all times.  This naturally queued up among my swirling thoughts as we walked the Jersey streets back to our room.

Scripture for the day:

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, o him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.  ~Ephesians 3:20-21


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