Dream Trip Day 3 ~ Beach Blog!

I’m just sitting here… blogging.  On the beach.

By the time pics are added and edits are done I won’t be… I’ll be fast asleep. But right now… I’m blogging.  On the beach.

Also, just moments earlier I experienced my first run on the beach.  Mmmmmmmmm…

Yeah I woke up too late to fit it in this morning, and I’m so glad because there is nothing like a night run.  But alongside waves?  Just my breath and the rushing sound of rolling splashes…  Exhilerating.

Today was all about the beach.  That’s it.

The girls just played “catch me if you can” with The Atlantic Ocean for hours while KT and momma got tans.

Perfect Day.


I attempted to take the girls parasailing but the wind shut me down.  Boo.

Anyway by the time I talked Jace into it, we no sooner got on the boat and that big parasailing umbrella popped open larger than life and she was OUT.  I think KT and Miss J were still down, despite their bug eyed gasps. But me… I was SO ready.   But my disappointment quickly faded when the captain handed the wheel of the boat over to my girls, along with his captain hat.  Mmm.  I’ll never forget those smiles.

We also strolled down Beach Street U.S.A.

We scored yummy Beny & Jerrry’s AT an actual Ben & Jerry’s.  KT and I had Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack!  YUMMM!!!

Tonight we had dinner at Catch 31, a swanky oceanfront restaurant with the most beautiful view  Kt and Jace are by far the pickiest eaters in. the. World.  I kid you not.  The first question Jacey asked the hostes was, “Do you guys have ranch?” And Keliann, well put it this way – the girl has never even had a burger.  Ever.  So while I’m swooning, fresh seafood from a restaurant like this had no appeal to them.

Thankfully, I had Miss J to share the experience of amazing fresh crab legs with, which she loved!  I also had an amazing salad and a perfectly smooth glass of merlot.  Bliss.

As much as I don’t want to break their hearts, I better get my girls out of the water now…  It’s dark but they don’t care.  Especially Jace.  She could stay all night. For now at least… she and the ocean are one again.

Song of the day:

Word Up by Cameo, because it came on while we were in Ben & Jerry’s, and that song also always makes me think of momma.  Well… momma dancing.  🙂

Lyrics of the day:

I’m on a boat. Hence the status.  And surprisingly it was my Sarah that got that.  Impressive.


Easy – The littles say “swimming”.  Duh.

KT – walking, the shops, and laying out – minus the sunburn.

Me – Laying out, crab legs & merlot, that ocean run, and this… right now.  Blogging. On the beach.  But of everything, the absolute best was playing in the water with the girls, jumping waves, those HUGE smiles and nonstop laughs.  The best.

Lows –

Walking away from the waves. 😦

Parasail fail.

Souvenirs: Virginia Beach Sweatshirt that says “CREW” on it 🙂 Also some crazy cool beach towels.

Scripture of the day:

From YouVersion Fostering Hope Devotion:

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. Galatians 5:6


Sand. Every.Where.


Conversation excerpt over dinner:

KT:  “Gorgozola gorgonzola gonzola gonzola gonzolaaaaaaa”

Me:  “Whaaaaaaaat are you doing?”

Jace: “Awkward moments…”

Miss J:  “We could be back at the beach by now.”

Adieu Virginia… Thank you for being so very good to my girls.  ❤

Watch out D.C. We’re comin’ for ya.

2 thoughts on “Dream Trip Day 3 ~ Beach Blog!

  1. loving the blog!! hearing what u guys r doing and hearing how blessed u feel is amazing!! DC has no idea what its in for!! have a great day tom!!!!!

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