Gleanings · Jacey


So in a snowstorm, here’s what you get on day 2 of no school…

Jacey has resorted to music.  Her instrument of choice being her belly button, of course.

Miss J has conjured up a bit of a Bieber situation on the dining room table.  Scandalous!

And KT broke a 12 year record by…

painting her nails.

And guess what – school’s out tomorrow too.

Annnnnnd Friday.

And if these roads don’t clear up enough for us to escape soon, I imagine by Sunday Bieber’s nails will be painted too…

and we’ll all be singing, “Mary Mary, why ya buggin'”.

From our belly buttons.

In full Run DMC attire.

I love my crew.

4 thoughts on “snOMG

  1.!!! I love it and the whole Bieber thing is too cute!! Can’t wait for everyone else’s belly button songs! Hahaha! Bless your hearts!!

  2. Stacey, to to to to to CUTE!!! She is so darn sweet!!!! Crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what she comes up with tomorrow!!

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