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First of all, look. at. my CHILD please!!  O my worrrrrd what a moment.  We will forever remember the first time she finally beheld the ocean… in 2010.  A picture is definitely worth a thousand words and that one speaks the world to my grateful heart.  God is good.  That was our big dream trip, our last hoorah alone, just me and my girl, and God perfectly orchestrated it to happen just a couple of weeks before our household doubled…  yes… DOUBLED!!!

And that was not MY PLAN!  God changed my plan.

Yes He sure did.  OH and it was a _good_ plan too!  But He changed it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I made a few lists for 2010 of things I “planned” to do here -> “My 2010 to be in Twelves”.   As I look back on that post now, it just makes me smile at all of the visual memories of this year that come to mind…

I can’t cross everything off of that post – but I can say that more DEFINITELY got done than would have if I hadn’t made that planto “evict the negative” and intentionally FLOOD 2010 with purposeful living.

Getting specific was good.  It was a phenomenal, unforgettable year.  No regrets!

The 3 most significant changes that happened in 2010:

  1. JACEY GOT BAPTIZED… AND it was the most beautiful baptism I have ever witnessed.  Wow.

  2. MISS J MOVED IN … and changed our world forever. She’s PRECIOUS and we have all fallen in love with her.  Now I can’t imagine life without her.

  3. KELIANN MOVED IN … so I get to see her cute kid face on the daily.  She’s been one of my dancers for years, needed a place to stay and I’m so glad she’s found a home with us.  She much more than crashes at my crib, she’s family.  Just as I have been able to be there for her, God has made her a huge blessing to me and the girls.  She’s become like a big sister to them and they ADORE her, as do I.  She’s the best.  You can get to know her here…  **KT’s Tumblr **

While God botched a few of my ideas for 2010, He also opened the door for a whirlwind of beautiful opportunities to enter our lives…

Nope, I did not read all of those books on my list –but that #9 -“Finish that dang FAFSA” turned into finish that FAFSA, enroll & get accepted at SNU and actually start the Master’s program! So some of those other books will have to wait – I’m reading PLENTY!! And consequently I didn’t make it to Jack Johnson – but that only because I would have missed my first class.  Yep, class… because I’m a grad student.  That wasn’t on the list.

Nope, I didn’t take Grandma sailing, but I did take her on the train!  An experience she continues to thank me for everytime we talk.  Unforgettable!

Nope, I didn’t get to see a show at House of Blues in Dallas, but I did get to have lunch with Jacey at House of Blues in Disneyland! Later that same day we had dinner outside in Beverly Hills!!!! Just, WOW.  That wasn’t on the list!

Nope, I didn’t really use less toilet paper (that may be a battle worth giving up), and I still need to work on my blogging skills… ok and speeding less… BUT, I am taking better care of my car! Got new tires, some regular oil changes… I need this baby to last!! 

No car payments = more travel!!! Holla.

Oh, and YES– I did fall in love with OKC! Quite easily actually.  The Texan girl and the Okie in me are getting along just fine. #thunderUP 🙂

Nopers, I didn’t win any free tickets to concerts like I set out to be like Sarah and do,

but… the weirdest thing happened…

I won- or was given- or was otherwise hooked up with a RIDICULOUS amount of free stuff – it was really really REALLY odd. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life – seriously, coincidence would be an understatement…

Here’s how it all began:

I was getting in my car after a trip to Wal-Mart and checked facebook on my phone just before driving off.  RIGHT THEN a status update from Big Truck Tacos dropped in my news feed saying the first 3 people to e-mail them would land a spot to help w/ their team at the Extreme Makeover Home Edition site.  As fast as my little fingers could, I went to my e-mail and sent a quick msg.  By the next morning I found out I was IN!! It was an AMAZING experience – something truly beautiful to be a part of… and the rest of the most winningest year of my life is history.

Here are just a few more awesome blessings we scored in 2010:

Season passes to Frontier City/White Water Bay

Fancy meal for 2 at Red Prime downtown

Austin City Limits tickets

OK Museum of Art tickets

State Fair tickets & parking

Disneyland, California Adventure Park, &

Hollywood Universal Studios tickets

Olive Garden Gift Card

The Incredible Years – Parenting Book

Maywood Group Computer service gift card

Cool Greens Gift Card

And on the very last day of the year, for New Year’s Eve, just hours before festivities commenced, we won none other than Thunder tickets– which Jacey and I used to spend the final evening of 2010 together. I literally went to tears… not necessarily because we won Thunder tickets, but because with each and every “hookup” all year long right up until the final hours of the year – yes even with a simple pair of Thunder tickets, God repeatedly confirmed 2 things to me…

( remember this )

1. He takes GOOD care of His girls.


And Nope, I did not make it to Austin City Limits to see all of those amazing bands this year – even though I was GIVEN FREE TICKETS!!!!  But I bowed out only because 4 days before Jess & I would be heading out I got a call about a little 9 year old girl that needed a home.

Oh and about that…


I did not make it to Africa.


That was my big dream – my determination – my “All. In.” for 2010.  And I did my part.  I mustered up the faith, I saved the money, I got the time off approved, I did all I could do – every step toward that dream was a learning experience and I’m grateful for it, and I can without a doubt look back and say that I did not go to Africa not because I didn’t put in the work, sacrifice, savings, faith, or whatever else I could do to go.  Remember, I WAS GOING!!!!!!

God simply said no.  Or wait.  That’s still to be determined…

But dang… The truth is, everything I desired to be a part of in Africa, God brought right into my home.

… Wow.

I had NO plans on that 2010 post to become a foster mother.

The way timing worked out, I could have gone to Africa… and put the whole fostering thing off a few months,

but Miss J needed a home now, and who am I to make anyone wait on what they need so I can get what I “want”.

And this:

“And finally… relationships…
It would be an understatement to say I am blessed with great friends – God has truly connected me with some beautiful people that I can honestly say I could confide freely in, call for anything, and will hold close for the rest of my life. Pretty Amazing.
That being said, I know that this year is going to bring change… and with that new relationships.
I am eager to meet new people and praying God will set me in opportune times and places to be connected with extraordinary people living extraordinary lives, inspiring me to be and do the same! By the end of this year, I hope to be surrounded in fellowship with people I can learn and grow from in ways I never have before.”


*Enter Skyline

This church wrecks me.  The people there have shown me Christ in action like I’ve never seen before in. my. life.  I often find myself at the end of the service unable to get out of my chair and wishing I could just stay right there and soak for the remainder of the day.  The Word preached is undiluted and uncompromising, always transforming – the sum of my Sunday mornings has utterly changed me.  And I will never view Easter or the Sabbath the same – I’ve learned so much that has rocked my way of thinking – and I’m so grateful for it all.  Every week I’m a mess. This is a good thing.

What’s really great is another year down the road I can say I still have all my besties… and even a few more.  Just. Amazing.

So no, I can’t say everything on the list got done, but I can say my list is SQUAT compared to what God did with it.

Here’s just a peek at how 2010 turned out…

Not too shabby.  🙂

Man makes his plans, but the Lord directs His path. Proverbs 16:9

How was your 2010??? Big changes???

9 thoughts on “2010FTW!!!!

  1. You got Austn City Limits tickets?! Whattttttttt?! Who did you give those to?! And how did you win them? I would diiiiiiie if I won tickets to that!!

    1. I know right – they are WAY expensive – so Jess and I didn’t buy tickets, then a friend gave me hers but when I decided not to go I gave them to Jess to take her hubby. 🙂 ACL will be there every year forever, and she said it was overrated anyway so it ended up being okay. But yes, when I first got the call about Miss J, I was pretty upset about having to choose!!! 🙂

  2. WOW!! Stacey, I just am sitting here crying, weeping.. reading all of this!!!! You are an amazing woman, and GOD is definitely using you!!!!!!

    I will never forget the courage, and power you had to fight that awful demon in your life!!! The awful C word!!!

    BUT, you did it, and you set our to do amazing things!!!! KEEP ON KEEPING ON GIRL!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kim you are such a Godsend of encouragement!!! Thank you for bearing witness to God’s powerful work in my life, back then and now. Love you lady!

  3. You are my hero. I want to be like you when I grow up.

    I’m so excited that I get to be witness to your amazing life.

    Keep on keeping on…


    1. Nikki, never grow up 😉 Keliann got your gift to her yesterday, she was seriously at a loss for words… I told her that’s just like you because YOU ARE GOLDEN. Thanks for bearing witness to her life, and to mine – your generous friendship in every way does more than you know!!! Love you ❤

  4. I’m with Nikki. You are my hero. You live your whole life “ALL IN” and it is a JOY to watch, even if it’s just via FB most of the time. You inspire me everyday to love, live, experience God MORE, MORE and MORE!! Never doubt that you make a tremendous difference in the lives of others. I pray he continues to bless you and your family in 2011 and even more of His purposes can be fulfilled in, for and by you! ❤ you!!! xoxo

    1. ok don’t make me cry!!!! wow Darcey thank you… you are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the blessing to call friend… thank you for those words – they mean more than you could possibly know, and thank you for being you. Love you woman. XOXO

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