Why we get Christmas presents…

Jacey’s bedtime prayer tonight… *Miss J is just the web-friendly name we use for privacy protection – That’s my foster daughter –  Jacey’s foster sister.

“Dear God,

Thank you for helping me read a book today. A whole book.  That’s 11 chapters.

And thank you for the legos me and (Miss J) made.

And Happy Birthday when your birthday comes.

And I already told mommy, NeNe, and Papa this, but I wanted to tell you.

I think I know why we get presents at Christmas.  Because it’s your birthday –

and since you live in us –

well, in our hearts –

that’s why we get presents.

Please take care of daddy, and mommy, and (Miss J), and all of our family.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


12 thoughts on “Why we get Christmas presents…

  1. Love this. That sweet girl … Sending hugs and love her way and Miss J’s way and your way. 🙂 This made my morning.

  2. I love that girl. Love. Love. Love! She’s smart and creative and just freaking fantastic. Loooooooove!

    Her logic is impossible to dispute!

    “Dear God, everything Jacey prayed, I co-sign! Thank you for your abounding love and take care of this precious girl! Amen.”

      1. Of COURSE I prayed for your daughter! And I pray for you, and your family! As short a time as we have known each other, you have multiplied my blessings so much. I want those same blessings to abound in your family too! 🙂

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