Grad School ain’t for PUNKS!

This is hard.  REALLY hard.

Adding 10+ hours of _READING_ to my life each week is hard. Understanding APA is hard.  Racing straight from work to class, not seeing my girls on Monday nights, and getting home after everyone has gone to bed… that’s hard.

This is also beautiful.  So Beautiful.

Every class is fascinating.  We’re past the point of those dang classes I hate – no math, no history.  Grad school is that education mecca you finally reach after 16+ years of learning what everyone else wants you to know, to the place where all of  what you learn is all that you WANT to learn.  Everything you write about, read about, learn about, & discuss is related to your passion, your dream-subject.  It’s just. so. BEAUTIFUL.

The other day a lady came in to lease an apartment.  As I reviewed her application, I noticed that she listed “licensed therapist” as her occupation.


Hold up.


and her monthly income, she listed as $4950 per month.

Hell YES!  😀  So THAT’S what it looks like!

It was all I could do to not jump up and scream a big “WOOT!  But, I _may_ have lifted out of my office chair, just a tad.

In talking with her further, Marcie said she had only JUST completed her master’s and was in the best financial shape of her life.  UM, I’d say so!  We chatted away for a good while, she was eager and excited to share her new post-master’s  life and I was just as eager & excited to hear every detail!

I have those things etched in my mind now – “licensed therapist” “$4950 monthly” — starting out, precisely in Marcie’s handwriting.  What a powerful witness and motivation that was for me to see first hand someone at the other end of my current journey, on the flipside where all of the hard work begins to pay off, and pay back.

I’m goin’ IN.  I’m doing the work, regardless of the cost and sacrifice, I’m all in.   I’m learning so much.  And some days I REEEEEAALLLLYY do NOT feel like it.  Some days I am already sick of reading or writing.  But Marcie keeps coming to mind lately.  She’s my visual… the other end of my journey.  She is hard evidence of my future potential & reminds me that no amount of reading or writing can compare with my big fat awesome dream.

One day I will make bank.

One day I will set my own hours.

One day I will have the freedom to travel more.

One day I will have the skills and knowledge to truly help people in ways I can’t even fathom right now.

And one day,

and this is the coolest part –

I will have more time to spend with my daughter.  I will be able to spend more of the summer and holiday breaks with Jacey, while she’s still young and in school before her own adult life begins, before she runs off to pursue her own dreams.

Ahhhhh yes. Time. That is THE _most_ valuable thing I could gain from all of this work — much greater than any of the money, freedom, security and skills I stand to gain, I will have more time with her.  That’s what I’m after.

*So here’s to you Jacey!  Hang in there with me Baby Girl!! Momma’s building a bigger, better future FOR US!!

This is not like college.  Grad school is hardcore.

But PSSHH!!! It’s going to be SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!  😀

Class notes:

Module 1 – Intro to Counseling Techniques

Week 3: Initial Client Interviews, Defense Mechanisms, & Diagnosis

High – I got a B+ on my paper!!!

Low – We got a 10min. break … in a 4 hour class period.  Gulp.
Qutoes, Tips, & Concepts:

* Don’t ask a lot of questions – listen/reflect
* Olfactory Hallucinations = Brain lesions
* Ego Strength = Ability to cope with life
*8yr olds develop stomach pains as a way of dealing w/ stress

“The place God calls you to will be where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

mmmmmm.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “Grad School ain’t for PUNKS!

  1. Keep it up girl! It’s not easy but SO worth it! Let me know when you want me to bring the Starbucks over!! You CAN do this!! 🙂

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