FAVS · Jacey

Little Black Heels

This week we went school shopping.   The trying on of clothes was both laborious and awesome.  Jacey insisted on doing a twirl, a booty bounce, and some other spontaneous moves followed by a stayin’ alive  finale after trying on each. and. every. outfit.

After we finally got the new school wardrobe, we headed to the shoe store.

We barely made it a few steps in the store before Jace grabs my hand and surprises me with her big request… “Mommy I want some black heels like yours!”

Aw man.   Yep.  I melted.     I can only equate that moment to what it must feel like when a father hears his son ask for his first football.


Our final stop was Wal-Mart, where we came across a miracle.  Dorothy shoes.

Ever since Jacey’s experience with drama camp over the summer, anything that even remotely relates to The Wizard of Oz makes her absolutely giddy.

I desperately long for those baby days gone by with chubby thighs and her short blonde curly Q’s, but it’s times like these that make her growing up somewhat bearable.  She is rockin’ those new shoes, walking tall like the big girl she is – and wearing them every second she can, including one rainy day where she even put them on just to wear down the elevator and about 20 steps down the hall before she had to change into her rain boots. 🙂

(Yes.  Yes I do have a camera ready at all times.)

And since I may or may not be an absolute fanatic about shoes of all sorts from funky to fabulous – and especially black heels-

all I can say is that during that trip to the shoe store,  those words “mini-me” took my daughter and I to a whole new level in our relationship.  The black heels level.  🙂

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