Love & Peace, The Criticals

Wakey WakeyFriends!!
Soooo, just a quick thought for this morning…

Reading Philippians this morning reminded me of some great things… one thought led to another and then to these —

2 CRITICALS that won me over yeeears ago… & keep me daily still:


LOVE: Because uncondional love~ the generous kind that was there before you even knew it existed, is endless and bountiful and doesn’t depend on you working for/earning it – the agape kind- is the most beautiful/priceless. Any other kind of true love is simply counterfeit.

PEACE: the kind that surpasses all understanding & trumps every offense…
Because happiness without *true* peace ultimately tansforms to emptiness. True peace is deeply carved within and sustains, brings joy and even enhances the darkest hours.

I could blog for hours on how it was these 2 very specific things changed my no to yes in Christ as a teenager, how I never knew or experienced the true meaning of these precious gifts until I took a chance and gave in to God – thereby love & peace wrecked my heart for good – how I’ve been transformed by these 2 criticals once, forever, & daily… they’ve rescued me time and again… but to keep it simple, for now I’ll just let my thoughts sit in praise and savor the swooning in my grateful heart at the reminder of it all.

… Love & Peace …

Be bound in Christ by these/ grow in them — the rest/excess _will_ fade.

Soooo, all that being said… Love & Peace all day!! to you! ❤

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