Solitude is splendid :)

Today was perfect.
God always knows just what I need.

My last day of freedom before the dance madness week kicks in for Dance Revolution next weekend, and I was desperately in need of a BUHREAK…

The morning never saw me. Woke up around noon 🙂
-which my body LOVED.
Prayed *w/o end
Read for a while *”a wise woman builds her life, a foolish one tears it down”
Tanned *relaxing even w/ tha jams goin
Ate *breakfast for lunch @ Classen Grill, my fav hole in the wall for the best pancakes, bacon, and eggs w/ cheddar, just me and my Gazette ❤
Shopping *trip necessities
Laundrypalooza *which lasted the entire DC game
Packed some *I’m not naive to put that off to departure day this trip – no lateness -gotta be @New Moon on time Friday!
Ate *leftover pizza from game night
SYTYCD * almost caught up, the ‘Two Steps Away’ was my fav – breathtaking.
Uploaded Pics *Had to… too many more to come

My phone was quiet too. I only got a small handful of calls and texts, and to be honest, I didn’t even respond to them all.

my only low was the Cowboys loss-double grrrr. But I’m no fairweather fan, still love my boys 🙂

about 95% of the day I was alone.

Freedom 🙂

A few days ago at dance we meditated and shared some recent Godthings.
I was reminded of how incredibly blessed I am with God’s generosity in surrounding me with an abundance of amazing people. Family like NO OTHER. Friends, the kind that last forever – and more than I can count that I could call on for for anything, anytime.

However, God has been gracious enough to pour the blessing of loved ones into my life while ALSO – and CONSTANTLY – reminding me to KEEP BALANCE… and remember that my dependence, my trust, my very worth is to be found solely in Him.

Having a HUMONGOUS family and a sea of peeps keeps my heart full, my smile wide, and my feet on the GO!!!!!
I’m encapsulated with a plethora beautiful people that I adore.


I absolutely love time alone.

It’s invigorating, mind clearing, heart calming, body renewing.

Thank You Prince of Peace of my very Soul,
for this perfect day alone, just hanging with You.

* Scripture of the day *
After dismissing the crowds, He climbed the hill to pray in solitude.
Night came on, and he was there alone…

* Lyrics of the day *
“It’s just You and me here now, only You and me here nowwww…”


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