I wore a hat to church today.

I didn’t oversleep.
BUT I did end up reading way longer than I anticipated this morning – it was so good I contemplated skipping out on church to just keep reading. I was late, but figured I could still make it. SO, I threw on a hat and nursed my throat with hot lemon tea through the service. Couldn’t have pulled that gig off in the first church I entered…just sayin’. Sheesh – the religious conditioning – and of things God couldn’t give a rat’s about.

So glad I made it, amazing time, the best hour of an already amazing week. Seems to be the trend, and this Sunday morning was no different…

Sweet worship including the Jesus paid it all/Oh Praise the One mix – man I love that one, of course more Africa talk, such good and full teaching out of Luke – more than I can process in an hour (which of course tied into what I was reading earlier this morning) and then he finishes the identity stream with the loss of his wife and shedding other “externals”… then the tears…

and out of nowhere one of the guys comes all the way down the aisle and then my row to say a few God sent words and leaves me with a few more tears and a ticket to Donald Miller – uhhm, SERIOUSLY!!??!?!?!! GAH! His book Blue Like Jazz is at the TOP of my all time favorites, but he wandered off after that. Now he’s on tour – I got an e-mail about it earlier this week and had a friend ask me just yesterday about going so I was trying to decide if I could fit it in. I guess a ticket handed to me would be the end of that confirmation 🙂


And to think I almost missed it.

keep renewing my mind, uniting my heart in this intimate, divine romance… shed all my aspirations that miss Your mark even a little… even if it’s as good as Africa, just whatever! There’s nothing good in me but You anyway, and it’s way more fun when YOU live this life -Your dreams and purposes are beyond my wildest imaginations, You show me things and take me places I’d otherwise miss out on, and I don’t want to miss a thing. 🙂

I and Love and You

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