Mexico Days 5 y 6 / On the road again…

pretty simple

got up early
drove about 9 hrs in a 15 passenger van with 15 passengers to the border
said goodbye to Tim’s youth group that headed on to San Antonio
said hello to the Great Life youth group of about 26 people
stayed the night at a hotel in Laredo

ONE MAJOR THING DID HAPPEN; – uh yeah when we got to Laredo I called and guess what – Jacey wanted to stay at the ranch with papa n grandma 🙂
wwwwwwwow. so basically there was no reason for me to ride on that long cramped trip… sweet.
Well who can blame her, they were settled and she was riding animals and driving the gator and there was a rodeo to go to…
So I guess she wasn’t meant to come after all… lol
I also got to talk Camp Fusion with Leeny and I am so grateful because without her back in the stats tackling a few camp things – there is no way I could stay another week!

the drive is always beautiful to me
hot shower at the hotel
got to talk to J for a long time and finally tell him all about Mexico

not running in Mexico today 😦
figuring out I didn’t need to go on that trip and could’ve hung out with the girls back in Jerez! oh well 🙂
saying goodbye to Tim’s amazing youth group

Saturday Day 6


So basically with this big group – all guys from the team were sent so they would have the manpower to help load the van with their trailor full of luggage – except me. I only came to get Jacey, which didn’t happen.
What this means in the end is that I get stuck on a van with 7 boys that are ALL BOY for 9 hours of travel.
I couldn’t tell you all the boy talk I heard – if I told you I’d have to kill you… but I will say that it was an interesting trip and that I’ve smelled enough farts to last me a lifetime.

You better let somebody love you…
before it’s tooooooooooooo

Scripture – still Isaiah 43:18-19

meeting Jeremy the new chiva – he looks like Jack Black! lol
a McDonalds McGriddle
the ipod fun and contest between the Eagles’ or Clint Black’s version of Desperado – – – Eagles won (of course)

hmmmm – some of the boy talk and most definitely the time that 3 of them farted at once…ugh!
not running in Mexico
I miss Jacey

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