Mexico Day 7 / Scavenger Hunt!

Sunday Day 7

no running – up too late last night!
breakfast – pancakes – but I was craving a banana so much!

Today was soooo nice –
it’s Great Life’s group’s first full day – and a Sunday so nothing too extreme planned for today – but still a BLAST!

We went to the market this morning, divided into groups and the students had to purchase items from a grocery list without the help from the chivas – so fun! The market is way cool and so beautiful with all the colors of produce and thick with the local culture. On Sunday mornings everything is way cheaper – so everybody goes to the market then and goes to church in the evening. If we bought all the stuff later in the week, Mike says we would have paid several times more than what we did. Our group did pretty good but another group won the challenge by spending the least amount.
We stayed downtown and shopped a couple hours after that – which I loved. I went and got this purse I didn’t have the money for the other day, as well as got gifts for my sisters and bought myself another cocunut ring 😉

Today is Haylie and Nathan’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! yeah!! Haylie’s never had a one year before and boy was she in for a surprise because Nathan had already enlisted myself and some others to help him pull off a Mexican scavengar hunt! He is such a sweet affectionate and creative boyfriend 🙂 Well, Haylie made him a bracelet – she’s sweet too! lol
So after everyone leaves, me, Haylie, n Mindy stay back to get Nathan’s bracelet made and then walk back. So I got to be in on both sides of the anniversary surprises 🙂

we got a good long break which I took full advantage of and slept like a baby!

So Nathan takes Haylie out to eat and then they’re walking downtown and stumble upon me 🙂 Nate leaves and I proceed to give Haylie her first yellow-paper-clue and let her know I’ll be accompanying her for this little adventure 🙂 Her next stop was at the beautiful big church where Jeremy is waiting in his cowboy hat with clue 2. That leads us to the ice cream shop where Mindy is waiting (with strangers lol) with clue 3 – leading her to Logan who is at the park with his final clue that has been half nibbled up by Logan’s brand new little puppy Shiloh. Haylie finally finds her way to the gazebo in the middle of the courtyard (center of downtown) and that is where Nathan gives her his surprise gift – a promise ring 🙂 That is a REALLY short version so I beg you to hop over to Haylie’s (shes my 2) blog to get the full scoop and see the FUN PICTURES!!! It was too sweet 🙂

We get back to casabanca and have some dinner – can’t remember the name of the concoction on the tortilla but it was good!
Afterward, I’m doing dishes with Andrea, Merlyn, and Mindy and the guys are playing around – we’re taking turns doing leaps across the kitchen floor. Well, I jokingly “slap” Jarrod with a towel that was fully meant for just across the shoulder but ended up across his cheek! He then sticks his hand in the water and flicks me and Merlyn and Mindy but give him some back. OMG!!! Soon cups are involved, then full blown buckets of water, and even a waterhose! We were fighting from inside the kitchen while Jarrod and the traitors defending him were attacking from the kitchen window and trying to get in the two doors. Well, there’s this pool right outside that is GROSS and basically all of us at one point or another ended up in it! eeeeeeeeew! But truthfully we had so much fun – laughing and having an all out water war – wow, I can’t remember the last time I was involved in one of those:) here again, the pics will tell the story LOL 🙂

Andrea, Merlyn and Mindy and I went for a speed walk to burn some calories since we didn’t run this morning and Merlyn told us all about this amazing ministry she got to work with in Africa recently. It sounded sooooo cool. Haylie and I have both been wanting to go to Africa and rock those black babies for so long – I can’t even imagine what an experience that would be. Well, Merlyn is planning to go back next summer and said hey pray about it … and I absolutely will!
We also chatted about other things and it was just a good time of sharing and taking an honest look at what lies ahead as well as things like God’s grace and a little about Mike’s ministry – lots of good stuff…

Now I’m all caught up on blogging, maybe tomorrow I can get some pics up if I get a little time 🙂 You guys have an AWESOME MONDAY and please pray that this new group here this week is blown away through service and missions and that they fully receive all that God has in store for them. Actually we all need that 🙂

LYRICS from today:
(listening to JJ Heller on the way to downtown, Dusty let me have ipod control! lol)

Scenes of you come rushing through
You are breaking me down
So break me into pieces
that will grow in the ground…

I know that I deserve to die
for the murder in my heart

So be gentle with me Jesus
as you tear me apart.

Please kill the liar
kill the thief in me
You know that I am tired of their cruelty

Breathe into my spirit
Breathe into my veins

Until only love remains.

Colossians 3:14 –
And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

(unity in love and this scripture is what Haylie had me write on her and Nathan’s bracelets… hmmmm – unity in love – beautiful huh?)

shopping for my family 🙂
Tim bought me a spanish dictionary downtown!
scavenger hunt with flowers and clues! so fun 🙂
the water fight was awesome – probably my fav. today 🙂
girl talk n walk

I need to quit eating pancakes and run!! LOL
My laundry didn’t get done
It’s 2am, I ti-RED

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