Mexico Day 3 / Change of plans!!

Wednesday – Day 3 (Clothes & Ballet choreography & class)
Today was fairly simple…

Another run this morning – ahhhhhhhh – it’s just so amazing!!
breakfast – pancakes – starting to really be an opposition to the whole running thing! haha 🙂
Then we went through a TON of clothes and sorted them by size and gender to take to Santa Rita for the people there. It would have taken days, but with so many of us it didn’t take too long 🙂
Afterward, I got to hang with Haylie and Logan and help choreograph a dance for them to demonstrate to the children. They did a short demo to “yes Lord, yes Lord, yes yes Lord!” pretty neato! They have set up summer classes for the children in both dance and pottery for Santa Rita children as well as the kids in Caprobi – and it has just been an amazing thing for the kids!! Logan and Haylie are teaching ballet – they have gotten as far as foot positions and plies as well as some stretching. Andrea is teaching the pottery class and has an overwhelming turn out of kids as well! The kids take the classes 3 days a week and will go on for about 4 weeks. These kids are SO into it!! We went to Santa Rita and there were about 25-30 kids taking a ballet class in this unfinished building with a cement floor and completely open on one side and they all did so great – they listened so well and it was like the best behaved and smooth running class I’ve ever seen 🙂 I think the kids just appreciate it so much, you know? I wish my own classes could get a glimpse of what I saw – it was just so touching to see them appreciate the opportunity so much. And to think they will learn so much more and experience what many of us already know to be true – that art (especially dancing) can be so healing and such a tremendous release for freedom can be such a confidence builder – all the things these kids need 🙂

Well we were in the van and Nate Dog says Hey why don’t you go get Jacey and bring her so you can stay another week?
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… 🙂
Initiallly I was going to bring Jacey but decided to experience it for myself and check out the safety factor before bringing her, but having been here even just a couple weeks I’m totally comfortable with my girl coming and can only imagine what a great thing it would be for us to experience this together. I want Jacey to truly get the MOST out of life – to experience it ALL! I hope she can always be willing to try new things and enjoy challenges as well as be adventurous and just have a free spirit that will take her places some people will never see. You just always want your child to have it better than you did, right? Well anyway, Haylie and a few others help by knocking down any reason I come up with that might keep me from just all of a sudden deciding to stay another week … then I happen to be riding with Mike later and he says he really feels I’m not supposed to leave and that my time here isn’t over just yet… my sentiments exactly 🙂

Well, I pretty much miss the rest of the activities that afternoon because I have to head back to the house to start figuring out how I can get Jacey to Mexico and figure out where on earth her birth certificate is and what if I can’t find it. A group of us are brainstorming and we almost get to a point of a plan to nearly smuggle her in if all else fails 🙂 Thank goodness Kristi has no interest in jail time because we were thinking Jacey and Kenzie sure look a lot alike! haha 🙂 There’s a ton to work out and some talk that maybe even if Jacey were to stay with my in-laws another week it wouldn’t be terrible and maybe that’s meant to be, – we’ll just have to see if we can get everything worked out… and pray 🙂 Well, my amazing friend Kristi goes to Bailey’s work, gets the key to my house and finds the birth certificate in a matter of minutes – YEAH!!!!!
Looks like God is making a way for my girl to come!
Well, it looks that way…

running in Mexico 🙂
ballet class
talking to Jacey
the thought of staying another week!!!

these cold showers!!!!

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