Mexico dia dos

(written on Wed, talking about Tuesday)
Oh my WORD!! Yep – it’s definitely going to be one of those trips where each day is better than the day before 🙂

Breakfast – PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!  amen. 🙂

After breakfast we took a hefty walk of about 4 miles.  We went to see “the property”.  wow.
The Property is home of an amazing vision that God has given Mike -(he’s owner/director guy of the ministry which is called Legacy Left / Little Ones – only in Mexico it’s called River de esperanza).  It is built like an old “hacienda” where big families all lived together and there’s a big enclosed courtyard… this already has the locals talking and excited about it because they haven’t built any hacienda style homes or bldg.s here in so long.
The first of three parts of this vision is a clinic/dentist which already has the outside built and it is beautiful!!!  The second is a children’s home which will have 8 houses and each house will have a set of house parents and 8 kids….when we did some prayer walking this is the area I went straight to 🙂  I could just see it – even though all that’s there right now is tall grass.  The third area – also just a bunch of tall grass right now will be a vocational college where the kids will learn how to grow food among other things so they can have some skills to keep them from the poverty they came out of.  The Property houses some major dreams that will turn all of Jerez around and the people are going to benefit tremendously.  People like kids who have never brushed their teeth and/ or would otherwise never learn any skills and just be miserably stuck in poverty for generations.  wow.  I love Mike’s heart and devotion to the people here.  pretty cool!

Okay so if any of you myspace pals of mine are involved in PETA (I think that’s what it’s called ) or otherwise just don’t have a stomach for the killing of goats -don’t read this part…
we did straight up catch a goat.  We took it to this guys David’s house and he hung it on a tree, and then — well, there’s no polite way to describe it than – he slit it’s throat.  woah.  yep I saw the whole thing.  and then also saw him skin the entire animal as well as gut it.  A couple people were like – eh no big deal, it’s just like what you do to a deer.  Well, I don’t hunt or think it’s too cool so I’ve never seen the killing like this of any creature.  This goat never even flinched or put up a fight and the whole thing went rather smoothly.  I was doing okay  – well until midway through the gutting and do you know David pulls out this sack and turns to me and says something in spanish that ends with “bebe”.  Iwas like WHAT!!?? Mike looks at me and says “there’s a baby goat – this one was pregnant”. David pulls the little precious thing out and shows us… AWWWW man!!!  Dangit.  now in my eyes this goat is a mom 😦  that sucked.  Well, at the end of it all Mike says I held up surprisingly well.  I think so, and I do know that it’s the same thing for us in the states – we just don’t see the process of it all – but the real reason I think I did okay is because at the beginning I told Mike I need to know what good is going to come out of this if I’m going to watch this, and he tells me that this one – this ONE SINGLE goat is going to feed OVER TWO HUNDRED CHILDREN.  200??? geez looweez…    amazing…
The goat is finishing up being cleaned and prepared and we’ll take it to a prostitution village today 🙂  Oh and yes I have pics of this crazy business but they are pretty wild  – you would so freak out!  and so would some animal rights activitsts I think so I won’t be posting those – you’ll just have to come by if you wanna’ see them 🙂

We also went to Santa Rita later to play with some kids. These kids are soooooooooooooooo beautiful guys – you know I’m trying to figure out a way to smuggle a few home.  I got to paint little girls nails – soooooo fun – they loved it 🙂 We didn’t get to stay too long but we get to go back there today do some dance and pottery stuff.  I hope to paint some more little girls nails… the smile they give you when you’re done and say “te gusta?” is priceless 🙂

We also fed at the feeding  center today – that was a really neat experience – but afterward was the bomb diggity because this little group of brown kiddos I was hanging out with just made my day!!  You know how we play the picture game – which many of you have played with me before – maybe a lot 🙂 – well we did that – and it was soooooo stinkin’ fun!!  we did a kissy pic and a sleepy pic, a tongue pic, even a pig nose pic!!  oh my word – those of you that know me well know this was no doubt my HIGH for the day!! 🙂  The kids absolutely LOVED it and we laughed sooooo hard.  My camera battery is now dead. lol 🙂

oh and on that note, I’m changing the name from now on.  Instead of “picture game”, it is now LOCOS PHOTOS!! haha 🙂

Dinner – fajitas 🙂  yummy.
We had some more guitar strumming and singing on the patio… a few people shared their hearts.  I love that part of the day…
I got to go back into the chivas meeting  – okay so chiva means goat and that’s what they call all the workers in the ministry – that’s what Haylie is.  David – the mexican guy who works with Mike made it up 🙂 I think he got tired of trying to remember all the workers names and just decided to call them a bunch of goats.  nice.
anyway – the meeting was AMAZING again.
I swear I have some (too much ) spiritual stuff to share, but it’s still processing and if I start now… welll, I’ll just get to that later 🙂 but I will tell you the book they have started us on this week is called 12 ordinary men – it’s about the apostles and their ordinary-ness.  soooo good.  maybe something a few of us could read together this summer?  think about that  – even if don’t live in okc,k?  we could still chat about it.  It’s been a while since I read a book with a group and this one has plenty for us to discuss!!

At about 11 we headed for a walk to downtown and had THE BEST taco/quesadila thing EVER!!! Oh my word it was so amazing… Just being in that little taco house and out late sitting there with this amazing group of people and eating the local grub – I was in heaven 🙂  It didn’t hurt that they had COKE!  caffeine tasted real good last night 🙂 On the way there I had some great discussion with this guy Logan – very intriguing.  Actually, every time I turn around there’s great, intelligent coversations going on with all these unique and way interesting people.  That’s been some of my favorite stuff for sure.

Well we speedwalk back to burn taco calories and it’s late so I’m laying in bed thinking I’m about to get to crash and then Merlyn walks in with a huge smile and says “will you come dance for us?”  crack me up!  so I bargain with her that I’ll teach her some moves and we can dance together.  Within about 10 minutes, we have moved beds to the edges of this big room and there are nine of us dancing to “Show me the Money” by Petey Pablo until after 1am!  We are sweating like pigs, laughing so hard, and having a blast and we probably would have stayed up all night – they were learning like way fast and so into it – it was sooooo fun!!!  Finally I’m like – must sleep!!  So we end our dance “class” with some awesome prayer and a song and then crash.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

I didn’t fall asleep til about 3am Monday night, then this night it was close to 2,
but this is one of those times where you’re just like –

You know, I’ll sleep plenty when I’m dead…

right now – I don’t want to miss a thing 🙂

hey – by the way – thanks for reading guys – your comments make me smile 🙂 and excuse all the mistakes – I’ll fix those later… maybe.

on to Dia TRES!!!!

lyrics that sunk in tonight..

All of my hope is You … Jesus
All of my hope is You.
From early in the morning, til late at night…
All of my hope is You.

All of my strength is You… Jesus
All of my strength is You.
From early in the morning, til late at night…
All of my strength is You.

All of my peace is You … Jesus.
All of my peace is You.
From early in the morning, til late at night…
All of my peace is You.

All of my comfort is You… Jesus.
All of my comfort is You
From early in the morning, til late at night…
All of my comforr is You.

All that I need is You… Jesus.
All that I need is You.
From early in the morning, til late at night…
All that I need is YOU.

And now, Oh Lord, for what to I look?
My hope is in You.
(been on my heart for a while, then God gave it to me again today)

~running in Mexico
(today with Merlyn, Logan, and Mindy – breathing a little better )
~painting little brown girl nails
~conversations with Andrea on the van, Logan on the walk to tacos, and Mike on the way to catch the goat
~chiva meeting
~D.P. from Tim – praise God 🙂
~the trip and the awesome quesadilla in the middle of the night, delicious!
~Hip Hop dancing til after 1am – wooohooo!!
~and you know it – LOCOS PHOTOS!!!!

~the goat being pregnant. dangit.  but there was no way to know…
~ my camera battery dying
~ man I wish I knew more espanol!!!

You guys have a great hump day!! 🙂

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