Destination Mexico (or “Kyle Kues is tight”)

Remember back on my Disney World blog I said I would start bloggin “in the midst” of a thing so as not to completely pass it up and then lose the motivation to blog about it later… well I haven’t done so well with that.
but I’m going to (try to ) do just that this week 🙂

First – you know how Kyle is always reassuring to us all the time about his tightness, and I pretty much have always disagreed with him ( which in no way discourages or lessens his pursuit to make it known) – until now.  From this point on, I shall never negate the point of Kyle’s tightness.  It was one of those situations where you really find out who you’re friends are…

I’ll try to breeze thru this cuz it’s mostly boring, but has to be said…
First I ran into a curb – and did a superb job of it.  Both side tires immediately blew out among other things.  It was after 9pm, everything closing, money, irritation, leaving for Mexico the next day blah blah blah – just the last thing I needed!

I get to Arlington to visit grandma and split my driving up (after taking Jacey to McAlester to in-laws).  So I take my car to the fine men at Goodyear across the street from grandma’s and end up not being able to pick it up until the next afternoon –  crushed strut, parts to order, more money, irritation, blah blah blah – just can I get there already??

I finally get through 7 MORE hours of driving and make it to Laredo where I’m meeting Haylie and the crew.  Soon after we find ourselves at Whataburger – which I’m happy about, but then I can’t find my wallet in my purse!!!  which leads to the question “well do you at least have your birth certificate?”

omg… NO!!!!!
I did not bring it!!  why? becuase I’m a stinkin’ girl and I like to keep up our ditzy reputation so guys like my dad can say things like “What a girl!” (In the midst of this, I totally imagined him saying that by the way)

well, without a passport or my birth cert.  there is NO WAY I can get across the border and it’s like 11pm on Saturday night – we have a huge group back at the hotel getting ready for bed to leave early the next morning!!!

So Haylie, casually and in her chipper way says “Well just start calling people and see if someone will bring it to you”….
pppppppppphhhhhh!!!!!!!!! crack me up!
Haylie it is the middle of the night – who on earth do I know that would drive right now on a moment’s notice 20 hours to drop me my passport or brth cert.!!??
“That is ridiculous!” I say, ” Haylie I don’t think I know anyone who would do that for me!  SERIOUSLY!!”

“Kyle would.”

and in a matter of minutes, and a compromise to meet 1/2 way…
Kyle is on board!!  WHAT!?

so then Nathan – the cracker boyfriend of Haylie’s volunteers to go with me to Austin to meet Kyle and I’m back on the road…
Eric, my Shrek shall also receive honorable mention for jumping in with Kyle last minute – but of course his reasoning was simply ” I didn’t have anything better to do”.  perfect 🙂

a few hours and a yummy – odd- interesting trip to Denny’s later, I hug those rockstars and Nathan and I are heading BACK to Laredo.

Oh, and just to top that journey off – I did get a ticket.
just 15 minutes away from Laredo – going 90 – WHICH I have never done in my life before then – but I’m sorry – after all that driving and sitting, even Starbucks was fading and I was in a bit of a hurry.  This cop was a true Texas cop.  I could tell by the way he flipped his lights on and whirled around he wasn’t letting me out of jack – not matter what the story.

seriously, I’ve spent more just in “incidentals” getting here than I did on the WHOLE STINKIN’ TRIP!

anyway,  all that to say two things…
1. I made it to Mexico!!!

and 2.  I never thought I’d say this but let me assure you that yes,
Kyle is pretty tight.

like I said, one of those situations where you really find out who you’re friends are 🙂

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